Can someone with severe loss use a IIC (invisible in canal) aid?

I recently got an audiogram and you can see my results here.

I was wondering if there were any IIC aids out there on the market (or near future) that would help me.

I know I could go with BTEs, but I actually don’t care about the best possible assistance, rather, I want an aid that will be invisible. When I get older I’ll switch to BTE, but right now, being in my 20s, I can’t deal with wearing two BTEs because I’m so self-conscious.


you will be best serve with a BTE, a cic - wont be really able to provide the gain needed.
A power rite should be good enough in terms of cosmetics

We have a similar audiogram and age. I’ve worn CICs for the past 8 ears and I just can’t get over the psychology of wearing BTE’s.

I’m curious to hear responses from others regarding IICs.

FWIW, most people are shocked when they find out I wear aids. They think I’m joking until I turn my head and show them. Then I go for the double shock and show them the other ear. So even CICs are pretty “invisible” for the most part.

With the recent advancements in BTE tech though, I am seriously considering giving them a try.

Sorry, but BTE or RIC is the way to go. You’ll be surprised how comfortable and discreet they are now-a-days. IIC for your loss are a pipedream at this point.

dr. amy

What about the Phonak Power CIC ?