Can someone answer a few questions about Cobalt 12's?

I bought some Siemens Rexton Cobalt 12’s on the internet. I’m told they were programmed to my audiogram.

I have no local audiologist, and the manuals that came with the HA’s leave many questions unanswered. Perhaps someone on this forum has the same HA’s and can answer a few questions?

  1. I bought the bluetooth programmer. I can only turn the HA’s on and off using BT. Pressing the button on the HA’s themselves for 2 seconds is supposed to turn on/off, but it doesn’t. Is this normal with BT?

  2. I don’t know what programs were entered into the HA’s. There must be 3, since I hear 3 different tones as I press the program button on the HA’s. Single beep, musical 3 beep, and a stereo ‘echo beep’. What are the associated programs?

  3. With the bluetooth controller, I can raise and lower the volume of the HA’s. What volume setting is the ‘standard’ setting I should use?

  4. Do the cobalt 12’s automatically switch into the ‘front mic’ mode, when appropriate, or must that be done manually?

Any answers or tips would be most welcome.


First the programs. A good exercise is to use a car and the car radio to evaluate how the programs work. Get in the car and tune the radio to a comfortable level of music before driving and listen to the music in each program.

You should hear some differences in the music from 1 to 2 and even more from 2 to 3. Now get up to highway speed with the noise from the tires and traffic thrown into the equation. Again listen to the music in all three programs.

This exercise should give an idea of how the programs change the music and in what noise conditions each will work best.

My guess is that you got the standard remote control rather than BT one? Does it have 3 buttons; P, +,- ? If so, you probably have about 8 db up and 8 db down from the default setting the aids go to after being turned on.

The best way to understand how automatic switching works is realizing that program 1, the default, is automatic and will adjust to the sound environment automatically. The other 2 are manual overrides of the automatic. 2 is probably a noise reduction program and 3 is probably a program for music or any other situation that has no noise present.

The best way to turn the aids off and on is with the battery door. By opening it at night it help dry out any condensation in the aids.




Thanks for the information.

No, my remote is the BT remote, with 5 program buttons. Does that change any of your advice?


You should hear some differences in the music from 1 to 2 and even more from 2 to 3. Now get up to highway speed with the noise from the tires and traffic thrown into the equation. Again listen to the music in all three programs.

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Your remote should exactly the same as the Siemens TEK. In that case program 2 is for BT phone and program 4 is for BT audio from the BT transmitter. Have you coupled the remote with any BT devises yet?

Most of what I responded with in regard to figuring how the programs will work is correct except that:

1= Universal or automatic
2= BT Phone
3= Noise reduction and is a manual override of the automatic
4- BT audio. Typically TV with a BT transmitter
5= Quiet. To be used in any environment where there is little or no noise present and you want to hear all sounds. Good for music and quiet meetings

Microphone setting are automatic/adaptive in program 1. Directional in Noise reduction programs. Omni-directional in quiet or music programs.

Digital volume controls work differently than we are accustomed to. Volume is at the default setting when the aids are switched on. The default volume setting is in the middle of the adjustable range. Any time you switch programs or turn the aid off and on you are back at default. Most of the time the aids are programmed to give you 8 db up and 8 db down for a total range of 16 db.

If you find the aids are constantly too low or too high you will need to have the volume changed by having the aids adjusted/reprogrammed.


Very helpful, thanks. Yes, the BT remote is the same as the Siemens TEK.

I haven’t tried the HA’s with the BT transmitter yet. I have a Cowon S9 audio/mp3 player, with BT built into it. I had been hoping to use it to transmit audio via bluetooth, instead of plugging in the Siemens BT transmitter. But, I haven’t succeeded to get it to pair yet. Do you think that the TEK remote assumes that program 4 uses the Siemens BT transmitter, and therefore does not want to pair with anything else?

Thanks again, your input is very helpful to me.

Best regards,


I’m fairly sure that the TEK and transmitter are paired at Siemens. I tried the TEK and there was no pairing done for the TV transmitter that I remember. I just connected the transmitter, pushed button 4, and it worked.

Try turning off the TEK but hook up the transmitter and see if your phone ‘sees’ a pairing signal from the transmitter. I’m betting that it will see a BT signal but not be able to pair with it. If so that would indicate the you have to use the transmitter. They do work well so all is not lost.