Can Phonak Marvel firmware be updated remotely?

Support for my VA provided Phonac Marvels is an hours drive away. Can the firmware update be done remotely?

Not unless you have Noahlink and Target software.

I got my Oticon OPN aids updated this last Wednesday and the whole appointment took maybe 30 minutes and both my aids and my connect clip was updated.
But I have to say my VA clinic is only 35 minutes away. And I never have a long wait for my appointment they are always on time

So I wonder whether the added functionality to the remote app is worth 2 hours of driving.

I would say yes if you use BT streaming or want to use any of the features of the MyPhonak app (extra programs, user-definable programs, fine-tuning frequency response, noise suppression, directionality, etc.)

Even without the other features, it makes the Bluetooth functionality more reliable, even if you’re using it with your phone only.

If you’re satisfied with the function you currently have, and use BT infrequently and only with your phone, it’s probably not worth the trip. You can get it on your next maintenance visit.

I have the Marvel 9013T, and was told at the present time, VA is not going to up date to the latest firmware until sometime in November.

Thank you! I stream a lot so guess I will try to schedule it. I’ve got a couple of other things which could use adjustment as well. I always give the volume 2 clicks up first thing in the morning. I have also noticed that music in the car and non streamed tv sounds tinny. This is kind of strange because my piano playing sounds ok. I hope adjusting for non streamed tv and car radio don’t screw up the piano.

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Then it seems to be up to the clinic.

I will wait a bit then, thanks!

The marvels firmware cannot be updated over myPhonak.

Source: dr cliff.

Once you get the updated firmware and download the new MyPhonak app, you will be able to adjust the various programs and save them under new names. So for instance if your TV sounds “tinny” you can adjust the bass and midtowns until it sounds the way you want and then save it as a new TV program. According to Dr. Cliff’s video he saved 30 custom programs and then quit but could have saved more if he chose to do so. The only problem I had was after I updated my IOS to the new 13.1.2 I lost my custom programs and had to recreate them.