Can one hear the HA processors making slight bubbling / crackling noise? Costco ReSound Forte 8 RIC



I have one slight thing I notice. I hear faint sound artifacts like newly poured soda bubbling, like we did as kids and put your ear next to the glass. The other way to describe it is like very faint high voltage line crackle, if you have ever walked under electric high power transmission lines or a power substation.

This is not loud, and most times I am unaware of the sound. I experience it when in a quiet room and something makes noise then stops. Examples are running water in a sink, then when I turn the water off I hear the bubbling / crackling and it goes from very noticeable to barely noticeable. Also when listening to music, in the moment of quiet when one song end until the next one starts. I get walking on busy streets when there is a gap in traffic passing for a few seconds. I can hear the bubbling / crackling fade in loudness.

I have the Costco ReSound Forte 8, and at the adjustment last week, they increased Expansion, and a slight change in feedback suppression, I can’t remember if more or less. There is no change in this sound artifact with those changes. I have had them for two months and have been aware of this for about a month now. I’m at 100% of target now, past the adaptation period.

Is this normal with the sound processing of HAs as they adjust through changing sounds or is this an adjustment that can be made to the Forte HAs?

Crackling and hissind in Resound linx3D hearing aids
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No…,.not normal.

One possibility
Is what you have too powerful? If you have something that is too high powered for your loss, then you may hear circuit noise. They do not try to kill that on the more powerful units because…hey…they are too deaf to hear it so why bother…

Second possibility
Poor adjustment

Third possibility
Defective hearing aid.

Is it both? If so…then one of the first two possibilities. Not likely to have two go bad at once.


I know that I have medium receivers that are correct for my hearing loss. I have the ReSound software that I have entered my audiogram and model, and it selects the medium receiver as well. I cannot adjust the aids since they are Costco and locked by ReSound. The receiver power was one issue that I had with an earlier attempt to get Oticon aids, since the fitter ordered low power ones and argued that those were adequate when everything I was told and found in my research was that I needed medium power for my loss.

It may be an adjustment, though I do not want to use the word poor, since my Costco HIS has been exceptional in his service, testing, and has 30 years as a fitter, in his own clinics and now at Costco. I’ll accept that this has not been addressed yet. I go back in two weeks and he stated he will call ReSound if this was not solved by the last adjustments. He also consulted with another fitter at this store, the HA dept. manager, and neither of them had heard of this issue. So it may well be a defect, but as you state, odd, since I do get this in both HAs.

Thank you for the reply. I posted here since the two HIS fitters at Costco had not heard of this. I am also not the typical HA wearer due to my science background and my incessant research and analysis as I wear these. I hope someone else has encountered this or one of the fitters / audiologist here have some insight.


I just returned my Resound Forte 8’s to Costco for same problem. Bubbling or crackling sound in quiet environments. Only affects left ear. Right ear is fine. This is evidently a new issue for the local Costco folks. Will post results when they are returned.
Plug for Costco reps, they have been great, allowed me to return Phonaks 2 months in and exchange for the Resound. Much better system for my needs. Rep originally suggested the Phonaks, but I liked the apparent mindless simplicity of the Phonak. As I became more experienced, I wanted the Wind and Noise damping features and personal adjustability offered by the Resound. I am outdoors a lot, running trails, etc. Pretty water and sweat resistant so far…


Thank you! I was concerned that I was the only one with this. The two Costco fitters working that day had never encountered this either. I go back in about 10 days for an adjustment and will see what they say. I’m also curious if the new features of the Vida that replaces the Forte would solve this, I plan to ask about the Vida with EchoStop and Open Fit Optimization. I’m happy with the Forte 8 and the ReSound app, this sound artifact just needs to be solved. Please let me know what you find when yours come back.


Let us know what the heck these are… I’m still within my Forte return period. Got a call into my HIS. Parenthetically, I haven’t experienced the bubbling/cracking noise. Oh, wait a minute! I thought this was just some ambient noise in my house but it’s only present in the right aid!


No new light shined on this at today’s adjustment. He did some feedback and background noise suppression changes, but now at home I still here the bubbling. We did discuss the fact that it might just be me hearing the normal processor noise of the HAs working. They do so much noise suppression hundreds to thousands of time a second, even removing background noise from between syllables in words, then when the normal sounds stop, it takes a little time for them to stop processing and I hear the processor slow down. Sounds plausible, I guess. Since it is not really bothersome, I’ll work on just ignoring it like I do my tinnitus.


I hear this sound, like a faucet flowing, also–in quiet places, which is most of my life. My audie said she adjusted something to mask the sound more aggressively, but I don’t hear any difference. What DOES make a difference? In the ReSound App (I have the Quattros, but it’s the same for the 3d), if I use the noise filter button in the all around setting, then I don’t hear the sound. My audiologist told me she thinks I have “sensitive” ears and that what I’m hearing is the sounds that the hearing aids make. Not sure if I buy that…but the noise filter helps.

Crackling and hissind in Resound linx3D hearing aids

Hi Noreen,

I’m not sure, I’ve been trying to track this down and suppress it, but so far no luck. Your Audi might be on to something with senitie hearing. Here is the most plausible explanation I’ve found, but have not had a chance to talk to my HIS about it.


Searching, here is one more very plausible explanation. As usual I think Um Bingo nails it.


My goodness. The depth of knowledge here, and the generosity of those who reply, is amazing.


How very true. I owe a huge debit to all the help and advice I have received on Hearing Tracker!

My journey to get HAs was frustrating one to say the least, but all the wonderful replies here helped me get to where I am now, a happy, satisfied hearing aid wearer.

A heartfelt thanks to all who offered opinions along the way. :+1:t4: