Can nightly ear plug use increase tinnitus?

About 10 or so years ago my wife’s snoring started bothering me, to the point of disrupting my sleep. I began using silicone ear plugs, first the Dr. Macks, moving to the CVS clones which I found had superior grip and longevity.

I’ve worn them nightly and slept better.

But my tinnitus has worsened. I’ve been posting in other threads, worrying about getting HAs with tinnitus masking built-in or not, and am just realizing that I spend 6-8 hours/nightly with no noise (we have several fans in bedroom) reaching ears.

So, from your experiences, do you think it is possible I’ve exacerbated my tinnitus? It has become worse for some reason in the last year.

Thanks for your help.

If she is snoring that much she might want to get checked out…

Yes, you’re correct Doc Jake. After four decades + of sharing a bed with her, I tread lightly; find that attraction works better than promotion. Just got her to go in for her first hearing test, yay! At least she’ll have a baseline and otolaryngologist can speak to her about the snoring.

One step at a time.

Yes, a bit more than usual.
I’ve had more stressful years since the tinnitus started however, and did not feel the increase in discomfort and and lack of ability to ignore the ringing, which competes in volume with most speech, which I have felt this year.