Can loud sounds damage hearing aids?

I know it sounds silly, but while my work on firing ranges and around ordnance has had a lot to do with why I wear instruments now, I still have to work.
So, as of now I take my HAs out (Exelia ITCs) and use regular ear plugs with outer muffs. But what would happen if I forgot to turn them off and they were nearby? Or if I turn them off and wear muffs over them? Will a gunshot or other loud sounds like fireworks, loud bells, etc damage hearing instruments?

Mostly curious…

I would guess that most hearing aids would not be damaged by impulse noise below 130 or so db. But microphones might be damaged by pressure waves above 150 or so db. I think those db levels are in the ball park of being correct.

The other parts in an aid shouldn’t be damaged as the mike will simply overload and shield the rest of the guts.

One problem with putting muffs over the aids may be that it will trigger feedback. Ed

Reviving this ancient topic to close the loop and link to this recent question in our expert Q&A section:

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