Can loss of high frequencies accentuate low and mid frequencies?

Hi All,
My apologies for the repost here but I’m new. While my only dips in the audiograms are in the 6k-8k (30-40db) range, I’m pretty sure I’ve lost much more above 8k. When I’m in a quiet room, all I hear now are creaks of the walls, floors, windows as well as low-frequency knocks (footsteps) from adjacent apartments. I also now hear my neighbor snoring. I never heard these sounds before at this loud of a level. All the masking room tone is gone. Has anyone else had this experience with hearing loss? Thanks.


I notice something similar in noisy public places, at least before I got my aids today. Dynamic range is missing so the louder lower frequency sounds dominate for me and it was getting pretty dang obnoxious. I am curious if there is a technical term for this.

Thanks for responding. My big issue is with sleeping. My earplugs(-32dB) won’t block out any of these noises. It’s as if it’s the same with them in or out. I’m easily awoken by the any noise.

Do you have a history of anxiety? Sounds like you’re in a constant state of high alert.

Good point about anxiety. It’s a yes. If few on this forum have my symptoms, safe to say my condition is unique. But I still think it’s more related to my noise exposures. Thanks.

Your neighbour must snore extremely loudly if ear plugs aren’t helping! I have 0-10db low frequency hearing with a similar dip to you but mine is around the 3-4khz mark (I’m pretty sure I can hear higher frequencies than tested as well though) I do notice that when I don’t wear my aids everything is muffled and bassier than with them so lower pitched noises will seem louder to you in comparison. Have you tried sleeping with soft background noise or noise cancelling ear plugs (although I think they’re expensive). has your neighbour moved his bed closer to your wall or developed a condition to make his snoring louder rather than you picking up on it more? Are you sleeping lighter than you normally would for some reason? Hope you manage to find an answer and get some restful sleep!

I’ve tried all the ear plugs, white noise, sleep apps alike. Nothing works. Maybe it’s a combination of hearing loss and hyperacusis. My hearing is not symmetrical. Thanks.