Can I Wear Just 1?

I have equal hearing loss in both ears and my audiologist recommends 2 digital devices. I have no doubt that she is correct however I can barely afford 1. This is all new to me. Does anyone have experience wearing just 1 ? Appreciate any insights you are willing to share.

One is better than none. But two help more than twice as much as one. One is less expensive than two, so buy them one at a time. Eventually you will be happy with two.

I wore just one for years. With my very poor speech comprehension in the right ear, I felt the aid in the right just wasn’t worth the bother. I now wear two and two is definitely better than one.

But is money is an object, then certainly one is better than none.

I would wear 2. I really notice a different then if I wear one but then I’m totally deaf without my aids.

I’m not from the US but there are schemes to help people that any afford them.

Several months ago, I talked to a woman with a similar problem. I made a comment, knowing nothing about something, and I guess I was right.

Thank you all for your input. I appreciate your help.

[quote=Buck110;89130]Thank you all for your input. I appreciate your help.]

I notice a fair diff. if I only have one of the 2 in.  Both my ears are of equal lack of quality w.o. hearing.aids.

If a Costco or Sam’s is close give them a try; they are about half what an audiologist charges for comparable HA’s.

There are lower cost options for aids. pretty sure all manufacturers sell cheaper versions of their top of the line aids. costco aids are popular as well.

america hears is an option as well. and you get to program the aids yourself.

here are some more prices (I don’t recommend hearing planet just using their site for their prices)

I would try the costco and america hears first as they have easy return policies and then try for the next tier if you don’t like them.

As for using one aid. I used to be able to hear out of my right ear but now I am deaf in that ear. this was mainly due to the infections. However, I also believe not using an aid in that ear when I was able to hear out of it lead to it atrophying. Also I’ve noticed that this ear is much much smaller than my other ear. This may be due to genetics but imo it’s more because of the atrophy process.

Like you my decision to use one aid was a financial one. Knowing what I know now I probably should have made more sacrifices to get that second aid.