Can I use Semi Digital and Analog Hearing Aids simultaneously?

I am a father of hearing impaired daughter. She is 7 years no and have bilateral moderate to severe hearing loss. She is currently using semi digital hearing aid in one ear. My questions are:

  1. Can she use analog and semi digital hearing aid simultaneously?

  2. Can she use digital and semi digital hearing aid simultaneously?

  3. Is it more beneficial to use digital hearing aids on both ears than single ear?

  4. What kind of digital hearing aid suites her?

  5. What is the difference between band and channel?

Waiting from response.


I am NOT an expert in the audiology field, but I will venture an opinion:

Mixing of technologies between sides is certainly possible. If the cost is considered in the decision then certainly go ahead and keep the existing aid and add another of digital type. However, judging from some of my reading here, it is possible that the following issues might arise:

  1. Your child may be unhappy with perceived differences between the two sides.

2, Differences in the operation of the aids may confuse her.

  1. The aids will always require individual adjustment because they cannot synchronize in the way that two like digital may.

  2. Obsolescence of the older aid may become a problem and force this discussion to happen again in a short time period.

Just my small list of thoughts.

Good Luck,

Often there are major differences in process time between brands and models. That’s not good for comprehension. And as said above it could lead to confusion with different controls and different responces to loud sounds, noises, etc. Ed