Can I use old uDirect with Moxi Kiss HA's?

Long story short: I have an old udirect that I would like to use at work with my unitron moxi kiss HA’s.

I would think there must be some way to tell the uDirect to broadcast to the HA’s or have the HA’s pick up the udirect somehow. The qstn is of course, how. Any experts have any advice? My audiologist phoned their Unitron rep and was told it was not possible, but I find that hard to believe. I’m no expert but doesn’t the udirect transmit bluetooth that the HA should be able to recieve if they are on the same channel (or something like that).

I ask because I have a udirect2 at home which I rely on for t.v. watching and would really appreciate being able to use the old one at work for computer audio.

Any pointers?

john (just found this site)

That doesn’t work with newer models is pretty common over a number of products. I don’t think you’ll have success. May sell it on ebay and looke for another used one with the right setup.

I assume you have Moxi2 Kiss and not Moxi Kiss. Moxi2 is incompatible with uDirect by design.

Why is that, I wonder?!?? Anyhow, thanks for the reply.

O.k. thanks. That ebay suggestion is a good idea.