Can I Reprogram My Old Oticon Deltas To Use As Spares?

It seems that my older prior devices (Oticon Deltas or Unitron Moxis) gave me better results than the newer Unitron N Moxi Fit 800s. As a matter of fact, the older Moxis (that are triangular shape, like the Deltas) are my go-to spares.

I’ve been to the Oticon legacy device writeups, and I believe that the Delta model still subscribed to the OpenSound philosophy. What are your opinions about giving the Deltas another whirl?

Always have an extra pair of aids for spares.
Reading this forum has shown its very important.

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Rick, I’m using my N Moxi Fit 800s + my older Moxis as spares, so I actually have 2 sets.

I have never had good results with the 800s, but the Oticon Deltas gave me excellent service, so I’m enquiring to see whether they’re worth resuscitating.

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Well, more proof that hearing aids last a lot longer then the 3-5 years quoted by so many people, including the audiology clinics, those old Delta’s must be 12 -15 years old now!

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Yes, they are, but I heard well with them (as I did with my first Moxis). For my lifestyle and psyche (I like to be able to hear whoever is sick, or getting into trouble, or sneaking up on me in the bush), the Oticon paradigm did - and still does - satisfy my needs.

My Deltas are “As New”, but the domes will need to be replaced with a good set of moulds. I haven’t yet been able to determine whether the old beasts will have enough power to cut the mustard, given the changes in my audiogram during the intervening years.

IMO, we waste far too much, as a species, and I’d be okay wearing the old technology as a working spare.

Yeah I think this will be your biggest issue on getting these up and running for the 21st century, actually being able to find anyone with the old oticon software version to provide the programming.
I agree don’t throw them away, keep them or donate them to some organisation to help others.

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@tenkan: I hear you … too bad there’s so much planned obsolescence., It’s also a shame that I never got the value I should have from the N Moxi Fit 800s due to my staying with a not-very-competent audiologist. My fault … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They would have made a great spare set, but I actually hear better with my older Moxis, which my audi doesn’t want to tweak any more due to software concerns.

The Fit 800s were supposed to automatically switch programs to accommodate the soundscape. Mine spent 80% of the time in the Noisy Environment program, even though it spend most of my days quietly, at home.

Bummer. But at least I’ve found my way back to Oticon, whiose design philosophy - while it may not work for everybody - is right for ME. :white_check_mark::+1:t2:

My caveat would be did the Deltas really work well until you got the Moxi Fit 800s or did your hearing take a turn for the worse?

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@MDB: That’s a question good and fair. I’m going to call my audiologist tomorrow and see if he has all my audiograms.

By the end of the week, one way or n’tuther, I’ll have all audiograms in a file here at home.

My hearing has gotten worse, however, my More3s have been able to take it in stride. My Unitron N Mowi Fit 800s seemed to do little more tan just make my jumbled hearing louder.

You’re forgetting about the intervening Moxis between the Deltas and the Fit 800.

My original Moxis still work for me, and are my go-to spare set. They give me better speech comprehension than my N Moxi Fit 800s, which are the newer pair.


Yes - it is. I can’t figure out why the audiologist could never fit the Moxi 800s, which were the second-highest technology tier at the time.

My current audiologist has tweaked them to my new audiogram, and yet my original Moxis (circa 2011) still give me superior performance. They were simpler than the North Moxi Fit 800s, but sometimes I think that simple is better.

One of the best things about my More 3s is that one program handles 80% of my auditory needs. I only switch programs to go from VAC+ to NAL-NL2 or from either of those to my music getup.

Simple - I like it!

I’ve given up on the idea of putting my trusty Deltas back into service.

I’m grateful to everyone who helped my insight with their comments. :white_check_mark::+1:t2: