Can i get by with open domes?

Just want to say hi to everyone, been a long time since i visited this forum, how is everyone doing? :slight_smile:

Recently i was told by an audiologist that i should have the power domes because the software recommends it, i tried those at the time but they were way too loud and sounded way off, so i got fitted with closed domes (this was after years of open domes use).

Problem with the closed domes (medium or large) is that after a week of use, i started to get wax issues, to the point where i couldn’t use a hearing aid in one ear for about two days or until the ear unblocked itself, this would happen roughly every week and became too much of a problem, i don’t have this problem with either medium or large open domes.

I have been searching on these forums and i have learnt a bit about open domes not giving power/gain to lower frequencies (does this have anything to do with the instruments?) i do have a flat hearing loss and do struggle with the lower frequencies, so i feel as if i am missing out on these frequencies which is a shame really.

My question is, should i try the closed domes again or will i be fine with open domes? or does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with the wax blocking up on the closed domes?


A few drops of Debrox or Otix in the ear each night should help. It will keep things soft and more self-cleaning.

Personally, I don’t think you should be using domes at all. I think ear molds might be a better fit for you given your significant low frequency loss. I have a similar low frequency loss in my right ear and never found any of the domes (open, closed, double) to be useful in terms of amplifying the low frequency sounds, but once I got my ear mold, the quality of LF sounds was fantastic and very similar to the then normal hearing in my left ear. I don’t believe you’ll get enough LF benefit from an open dome based on your numbers. Would you consider looking into using ear molds? They might be more comfortable for you.


I would go with a custom earmolds and then get on a regimen of cleaning your ears at least once a week to keep the wax at bay.

Get properly vented custom molds… you’ll never go back.

Yep looks like i will have to try some custom molds, in fact i will try them all again if i can and see how each one does, even give the power domes a try. I have no choice but to clean my ears each week like said above. i do have a ear syringe so can do all that myself too.

Don’t know what you use to clean your ears but I have used Hydrogen Peroxide for years and it works great.

I had a family doctor a few years ago who told me to use hydrogen peroxide. It did get the wax out, but for me at least, it irritated my ear canals or something, and dramatically increased the amount of wax that got formed in the first place. So it turned out to be a losing proposition. I don’t know if other people have experienced that.

With those numbers and again against the consensus of advice on here, go with what works for you. A single closed dome would probably be the best compromise, there’s absolutely no need to get a full mold unless you want one for other reasons.

The majority of fits from this office are done with domes for the practical purposes of cleanliness, easier servicing, more protection from wax ingress and greater comfort.

Make the call on what suits you - you can always switch to molds later if it suits.

nope anything close to 50 dB in low frequencies is bad @open dome based on my experience, but test for yourself.

edit: try micro molds, they should have better venting than closed domes, since they have a venting hole, closed domes might complete close up your canal.

Single closed domes are way less occluding (don’t close up your ear canal) than micro molds and most types have a built in pressure vent.

I just want to thank you for posting this, only now i realize that the same thing probably happened to me. I started wearing hearing aids about just over 5 years ago and always had opened domes, only had to clean ears out about once a year really. Later i started using hydrogen peroxide followed by flushing it out with Aculife ear syringe. Recently my wax amount has increased and i need to clean more often, may try some ear drops instead.

When i tried closed domes i had no occlusion, they didn’t feel much different to open domes to be fair.

alright might have confused closed with power domes…

So glad to read this, as I had difficulty in convincing my audi that’s the way I want it: beginning with domes for comfort and for more natural sound, and if my HL get worse in coming years switching to custom molds.

But the ENT does not find my results in the speech disciminiation test in (very) noisy situation good enough, so he adviced me to return to the audi to make adjustments. So I will have to try to get better results to the test with custom molds afterall. Fortunately, It won’t make difference in price.

It certainly will give me an idea of what gain I can expect with custom molds. May audi says 5 % so it will just bring me to the theoretic level the ENT wants. But not sure I will not return to open fit once I purchased the Audeo’s :wink:

Between the open-fit and single-power, there is the tulip dome.