Can I change modes on my Phonak Audeo M-90 WITHOUT Bluetooth connectivity?

Hi! When I want to listen to music, I use the MyPhonak app to switch to music mode. However, I’m taking a flight soon, so I’ll be in airplane mode and unable to use Bluetooth. Is there a way to enter music mode using only the button on the hearing aid, or some other way I don’t know about? I’ve been looking in the manual and coming up short. Thanks for any help!

Sure you can do that, so long as your audiologist clinic has set up a music program for you, you’ll be using headphones tho, not Bluetooth if you’ve turned it off,have you tried changing the programs to see if you have a dedicated music program, should show up in the app as well.
Personally I wouldn’t worry about turning Bluetooth off permanently, don’t you just turn your phone off when landing taking off anyway?

Your hearing aids should have a button on it that allows you to switch programs manually by pushing it. Did you make a music program yourself on the myphonak app. My thinking is that if there’s a seperate music program on the app there’s already a seperate music program on your aids. In which case you don’t need the app to switch programs

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