Can I buy used PHONAK Savia 211 dSZ

My dad lost his right PHONAK Savia 211 dSZ. he does not want to buy a new set … too coslty.

Can someone help me find a used one

Have you tried ebay?

Starkey sells reconditioned hearing aids…seeing that this is an older Phonak product I would suggest trying them as Phonak likely no longer carries them and buying a used one could be problematic. If you purchase a reconditioned aid from a company at least it will come with some kind of warranty/assurance against malfunction. You might pay a little more that way but in the end it would be worth it IMHO. It should not be as much as it was when your dad purchased them new because they are reconditioned and it’s an older chip. I would expect you to pay between $600-$750 for one…but that’s an estimateion based on what I would charge. f you contact an audiologist and tell them your situation and let them know you want to buy a reconditioned HA to replace the one that was lost I imagine they will be more than happy to help you out. If not, keep calling until you find one that will.