Can hearing improve?

After wearing Resound Preza for 6 months I noticed high sharp sounds (silverware, water) were becoming uncomfortable, much like they were in the first days of becoming accustomed to HAs. I began routinely turning the gain down two notches and after a couple weeks went to see my Costco provider and she cleaned the aids and adjusted the highs down. The highs no longer bother me but I now miss some birds I was hearing.

I asked if the adjustment in the aids could have changed on their own and she said no. So if the aids didn’t change might I surmise that my hearing had improved to the point where the settings that sounded fine months ago were now too loud for comfort? Costco’s initial hearing test is good for a purchase of aids up to 6 months, so I assume it is accepted in the industry that a person’s hearing can change significantly in 6 months. But has anyone experienced this as a change for the better? Would I be unreasonable in requesting a complete retest including REM after only 6 months with the Preza aids to verify any change in my hearing?

My hearing will fluctuate with how tired I am, or stressed. I always hear better first thing in the more, and worse in the evening. And if I have lots of envirnomental noise to deal with it stresses me out an my hearing gets worse. Being in a car and or driving for more than an hour or two does it too. The road noise will make me tired and my hearing gets worse.


Google recruitment, sensitivity to certain sounds.

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Was the adaptation manager on?

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What is the adaptation manager?

It’s a feature that turns the gain up slowly over time, sometimes employed for new users who cannot tolerate full gain at the outset.

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Thanks. I think my provider would have informed me if that setting had been engaged.

I’m not an expert, but I personally think that hearing loss cannot be cured. I even thought that food suppluments like Aural+ - - would help, but I think they may just be placebo.