Can hearing aids help profound hearing loss?

I have a couple of questions about hearing aids and “profound” hearing loss.

I have mid-upper freq loss in left ear, right ear on my Audiogram shows some low to middle freq response, but it is in the “profound” loss region of the chart. (The right ear is sensorineural hearing loss. )

I went a couple of months ago to a hearing aid fitting centre where a lady showed me numerous aids at various prices and capabilities, and also said they could only help with my left ear loss. Overall I came away from that meeting confused.

So yesterday I went to another centre (the one which did my original hearing tests after my loss), the audiologist (his name is Ian) was very helpful, explained everything very well, and also told me he thinks he can give back some usable hearing in the right (profoundly deaf) ear, using a high amplification type aid. He is talking about Widex, and another Widex model for the left ear.

I am very keen to have any useful hearing restored in the right ear if that is possible, as I am hoping it will (at least in part) restore a sense of where sounds are coming from, ie: give me back some spatial / directional reference in my hearing.

My questions on this are:

a) is there a reasonable chance that I can in fact recover some usable hearing in the right ear in this way?

b) given that we are always told that very loud noise can damage our ears, is the use of a very high amplification aid likely to eventually damage that ear to the point that it becomes totally deaf?

Hoping someone can shed some light on this for me,
Graham Daniell

What does your audiogram look like? It is hard to say whether or not you can benefit from aids without knowing the exact numbers.

I have a profound loss in both ears. I am trying Phonak Naida’s and I am able to hear speech. I have no speech discrimination…but I hear the sounds. Basically what I am trying to say is that with ‘power aids’ profound loss can be helped a bit.

your ent or audi, would eventually discuss the posibility of a cochlear impart
if you are trully a candidate… there is a list of guidelines…

I have seen amazing results … But again you need to be a good candidate

Hi, thanks for your input Jenny, I tried to upload a copy of my audiogram but it is too big for this site to load. If you send me your email address I will send you a scan back.

My email address is

Graham D.