Can hearing aid use further damage my hearing?

I am mid 60s and very active.
Have owned hearing aids, since my mid 40s.
First I did not wear them much.
Gradually I have increased their use.
Mostly I have had the high end units.
BTE with receiver in ear and custom molds and all the BT and remote features.

For a long time I felt that using headphones, or other amplifiers was a more natural sound.
Lately I feel I need to wear my hearing aids, if I will at all be needing to hear.
I use them for all phone and computer work and watching TV and even going for a walk, where I might meet people.

My audiologist insists that my hearing has not changed “MUCH”
But I feel that the world is far quieter than ever before without my aids in my ears.
Simple conversation indoors in quiet, which always was doable, face to face, is now difficult, unless I cup my hand behind my ear, which makes a huge difference.

Should I try to limit my hearing aid use, because in fact it is damaging my hearing.
Or should I embrace them maybe even upgrading to more powerful ones, because the benefits outweigh the risks. ?

I cannot tell if I have gotten used to the aids, and so I am less attuned to listening without them, or if my hearing is further being impacted with more hair cilia being destroyed from the louder sound I am now hearing.

Any comments, ideas, experiences, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Definitely not, it’s quite common to sense this, but it’s not, your audiologist has already confirmed this, your hearing hasn’t had much movement over the years. Obviously you’ve had a few hearing tests to confirm that right?

No this won’t be the case, not once have you mentioned you feel they are overly amplified.

So keep using your HAs, you should be using full time every day.

Can you post your audiogram and also let everyone know what model of HAs you are using, this will helpful information.


Headphones can definitely damage your hearing and make it worse

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I am using the Oticon More1 HAs.
Thank you for your response.
Unfortunately, after repeatedly testing and explaining that my hearing has only slightly deteriorated.
I just asked for a print out and he did a comparison over about 15 years.
That shows how my hearing has dropped 20dB since then!
Because dB are a logarithmic scale, I think that is a huge amount of additional loss.
But here is a site that tries to explain it and leaves me more confused!
Maybe someone could tell me which interpretation is most apt ?

If I follow the chart - it means my hearing is one quarter what it was.

That is a substantial amount in my opinion, because as i get through the next two decades it will be one sixteenth ! Which may not be of much use at all! or may affect my life too much.

I try to ride the volume and reduce it when it seems excessive… BUT what i notice is that after a long phone or streamer use - my hearing feels irritated. And removing my aids, feels both a relief and also like I am in outer space with no sound.

These units have a problem in that it is not possible to control the environmental sound completely independently from the streamed sound. Which means that intelligibility means finding the best balance between stream and environment. Furthermore, there is no control of environment of phone use… either it is totally muted or it is the default and when totally muted, I cannot hear what i am saying so it leads to having to concentrate to avoid shouting. Unmuted means that my voice sounds very loud. I will try to adjust this in the software this week.

That’s not to bad, 1.3dB per year, what frequencies was the 20dB difference in? You need to post your audiogram for everyone to help out.

I don’t use Oticon myself, but I’m quite sure this can be controlled both in the software and phone app.

Again this can be adjusted, when you see your audiologist they’ll sort this for you.
There’s plenty of people on the forum using the “More” HAs, they’ll chime in, as from reading the posts on this forum for this model, shows they are very happy with them indeed.

I have a uniquely close relationship with my AD, and both of us have been on the phone with Oticon.
I stand by my statement that those controls are not entirely independent.
The environmental slider on the app regardless of the software setting to favor one or the other, actually functions as a master fader for both the streamer and the environment.

@IGZO There is the ability to adjust the Microphones relative to the stream, but it has to be done in the fitting software.

Your AuD can adjust this.
The three sliders at the bottom are for that purpose.


FLASHB1024 - I have that software on my computer!
That is the End Fitting screen.
Those are relative adjustments.
As I explained, they are insufficient.
Please read my post.
To repeat:
The environmental slider on the app regardless of the software setting to favor one or the other, actually functions as a master fader for both the streamer and the environment.

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Sorry, but I misunderstood your post to interpret the use of the term App, as the Oticon ON App, not the Genie 2 software program.

quite understandable. sorry.
Yes, this has been very frustrating.
With the M slider in Genie app fully attenuated, the Oticon ON App, still acts as a master fader.
If that slider is all the way down, then the source all sound is nearly muted.
So that slider needs be 40-70% up.
Which has environment competing with source.
See ?

Yeah, I don’t have an answer for this.
I’m always adjusting the phone volume, the HA volume, and Mute on the fly.
No automatic way to do it that I know of.
What did Oticon say?

So. . . appropriately fit hearing aids will not damage your ears, but if you are messing with the MPO in the software yourself you absolutely can damage your ears.