Can Costco Rexton Bicore be programmed with Connexx DIY or locked?

Does anyone know if the Costco Rexton Bicore HAs be programmed with Connexx DIY or locked? I just ordered an Icube II interface for my Phonak B70-312s to have as a backup set, wondering if the Rextons could be tweaked at home as well, best interface or if per chance the Icube II could be used?

Welcome to the forum, yes sure you can DIY these, you’ll need Connexx Rexton version, you can use the Noahlink wireless programming device, you won’t be able to use the iCube ll which is for those older models from Phonak only.

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Just ordered a Noahlink Wireless off Amazon, hoping it’s a good investment. I guess I can’t program my older Phonak Audeo Bs with the Noahlink wireless

Only the Audeo B direct, sword chip.
If you mean Belong platform,it’s the fantastic iCube ll.

iCubeII ain’t fantastic. Actually it’s going obsolete! Though, is is very handy for wireless programming some specific older model Phonak/Unitron hearing aids. Though you should become aware of which older models may, or may not, use iCubeII.

For help with which older models may, or may not, use iCubeII, you can find a cheat sheet in a DIY School PDF file named (Choose a Hearing Aid Programming Device).

After Scrolling past the Lumity, Paradise, Marvel hearing aid models you will begin to see which models (starting with B-Belong) that can be programmed with iCubeII. Here’s a small sample from a clip. But you will need to read the remainder from the PDF file.
Legend NW=Noahlink Wireless and HP=Hi Pro


I received my ebay Icube II last night, managed to get the target software installed and after trouble shooting and repairing a broken neckloop antenna, success!!!

Made a back up of my audiologist programming and was able to tweak the left HA to match the level of the right one. BRILLIANT!!! Next on the list is to copy the settings onto a backup set (Identical Phonak Belong 70s (non direct version).

I see there is a tutorial in the FAQ, so big shout out to the community, esp pvc and tenkan for their support and to Blue for creating the new downloader. Noahlink Wireless is ordered and cant wait to test it out on my new Rexton Bicores that I get next week.

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Fantastic, I love reading about people’s success stories regarding DIY projects.