Can Costco KS 9 work for an ear with profound loss?

I have worn KS 5 for just over 5 years and decided it time to upgrade to KS 9 which has many new features and assumed improved performance. In my case my right ear has profound hearing loss at about 1.5 Khz and above. I had not given this much thought but note that the KS 5 gives little if any help on hearing in my right ear. This ear has only mild hearing loss at 250 hz better than the performance of my left ear which has severe loss (75 db) at higher frequencies and realizes a large benefit from the hearing aid. My question: why wear a hearing aid in my right hear if the hearing aid can not overcome the profound (90db ++ ) loss. I can say with the KS 5 I observer little to no benefit from the right aid. Perhaps the KS 9 can give more gain, thus making it useful… anyone know? I have the KS 9 on order and will discuss with the Costco fitter next Thursday. in part I wonder if the hearing test they give stops testing at 90 db, i.e., does not disclose if my “need” is 100 db, say. And if so can the KS 9 be at a gain high enough for me to realize a benefit from the purchase and wearing of an aid in my right ear. I am considering buying only a KS 9 for my left ear. Here I assume the Bluetooth features do not require two aids to work. Not listening to stereo music in my applications, just telephone and TV.

The KS9 aids have frequency lowering that maybe the best right now. That might be able to help you like you have never had before.
Give them a try.

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I have profound hearing loss.
The young woman that performed my hearing test at COSTCO last month simply said I would be changing batteries every three days with the KS 9 hearing aids and suggested I try the Preza 861 hearing aids. I agreed and got the ear mold impressions made two days ago and should get the new hearing aids in a month.
I am hoping they improve my ability to understand speech better.
Also, I prefer to program them myself as much as possible and I require good Bluetooth connection ability with Android devices and my Windows 10 desktop computer.

Marvels are available with a high power receiver. I would assume that the KS9 would also have it available. At the gains required to correct for your profound loss, feedback is going to be a problem. My marvels seem to be more resistant to feedback than other aids I have tried. As already stated, frequency lowering might be your best bet. It has drawbacks for sure, but will restore your high frequencies. I think KS9s would be worth a try. From what I understand, Costco has a very good return policy.

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I was surprised the Resound Preza 861 hearing aids from COSTCO have a 180 day trial period. They can be returned for any reason.

I currently have KS5, have had for over 5 years. The right hearing aid gives very little help, assume it can’t compensate for 90+ db loss above 1.5 Khz. I have KS9 coming in next week. Is it reasonable for me to ask that the right aid be adjusted to recover my right ear to better hearing? I am happy with the performance of the KS5 in the left ear. I note the label Profound hearing loss for my right ear. It that means I can not get some hearing for the frequencies in that range, why buy the hearing aid? I am considering buying an aid just for my left ear. The KS9 does offer great Bluetooth features.

Your left ear appears worse than the right according to your audiogram. Thanks for posting it. But you mention your right ear as worse.

When you take your audiogram at the audiologist, do you actually hear sounds in the upper frequencies with each ear? The reason I ask is I am deaf in the upper frequencies. Frequency lowering can take these deaf frequencies and bring that sound into areas you can hear. It can be amazing.

Yes, you need aids in both ears.

KS9 even with HP receiver is probably not ideal for right ear, but with a custom mold and frequency lowering, you should be able to hear some. What are your word recognition scores for the right ear? That would give you an idea of how much amplification might help.

Seems I may have screwed on which ear I gave the audiogram data on. In any case, I’ll have to check, my right ear is the one that has profound hearing loss in the 1.5Khz and above, strangely it has better hearing at the low end, 250 hz. I remain of the mind that buying a new KS9 for left ear and either using my existing KS5 in the right ear or go with no aid in right ear. I don’t have any data on the other aspects of my tests by Costco, I’ll ask for them.

I wasn’t paying attention either and just went on your right ear comment. Marvel should handle your better ear ok and still offer some help for worse ear. The worse ear should be aidable, but your word recognition scores for that ear are important.

I have severe to profound loss on the left, profound on the right, and have had the KS9’s for about a month. I listen to an hour or more Bluetooth daily, and have been getting 4-6 days battery life, or about half what I was getting with my old aids. No problem as batteries are pretty cheap at Costco. Haven’t had a single feedback whistle. I go in for a tune-up Wednesday and don’t have many complaints, mainly fixing the “lisping” in the Bluetooth stream.

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Just a general comment: Moderate, Severe and Profound loss really don’t mean much without some indication of what frequencies are involved. A profound loss at 8khz and normal hearing otherwise is not going to effect one much. A moderate to severe loss at frequencies from anywhere from 250hz to 2000 hz is going to be a much bigger deal. This is why so many of us suggest one include an audiogram.

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Have had the KS9s for two fays. I was persuaded to buy the pair as hearing up to 1.5 KHz in right ear o s worth the cost. Didn’t discuss frequency lowering yet but think the new aids after better than old 5s. I don’t like the recommended smartphone android app. Slow to no operation on connecting on many occasions until I do a complete power down and reboot phone. Not sure what’s to blame.
Likely me. Also I have not explored anything other than automatic and can’t find a manual override by trial and error. Also haven’t purchased the recommended dryer sterilizer and have never had one for 5s should I buy the dryer? About $40 for a good unit at costco.