Can Costco fit or adjust hearing aids obtained through VA?


I know many folks use Costco, but can they fit, or adjust hearing aids not gotten through them? I’m asking because I think the VA audiology folks are clueless on fitting and adjusting aids properly. My last visit I went in right after getting off the phone with the Signia rep who said to tell them to do this in the connex program.
When I got in to he audi office and told her what they just said to do, she had absolutely no clue where this adjustment was in the program for Signia aids, so she called Signia and miraculously got the same rep I just spoke to who had to walk her through how to make this adjustment.
Needless to say I’d rather get them fitted and adjusted right from someone more competent instead of making numerous trips to the VA, hopefully if Costco can do his it won’t cost an arm and a leg to get done.



I am sorry you are having so much trouble but I have always had much better service from the VA than any public or private audiology location I have ever been to.

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I’m not sure what Costco’s policy is but they do not charge for adjustments, so I don’t see what would be in it for them to do an adjustment. The other issue based on what they sell in Canada is that they may not have the Connexx software for Signia. They do have it for Rexton and the KS7 and KS8, which are technically Rexton. I recall that there are two databases for instruments. One covers Rexton and Kirkland, and the other the Signia brand. So they simply may not be able to connect to a Signia branded HA.



It’s not that I’m unhappy, I just always feel rushed while I’m there, 20 minutes or less and they shove you out the door, even for a hearing test. I think they ought to know how to fine tune every aspect of every hearing aid they provide vets with instead of doubting what you tell them when you speak directly to your aid manufacturer and they still have no clue how to do it and have to be walked through over the phone by a manufacturer rep.



No different from any of the private Audis I have been to. And at least the Audis I have seen at the VA listen to my issues and my needs. Something I never had before going to the VA. But again I have to say I don’t live and go to the big city VA clinics. They smaller clinics seem to have the time to work with you. In other words I don’t go to clinics that are in a VA hospital.



If I remember correctly, about 8 or 9 months ago I asked Costco if they could service my ReSound Quattro’s, which I got through working in conjunction with a local private audiologist. The thing that triggered my query was one of the providers there back then said that there was a strong rumor that Costco would have their version of the Quattro (now it turns out to be the Preza!) and I thought, “Oh, boy! If it’s like the Quattro’s then they can service my Quattro’s, too!” Costco said that they only service HA’s that they sell, if memory serves me. I was interested also because my local Costco is quite a bit closer to where I live than the audiologist that I got hooked up with through TruHearing (but in the end, I decided the audiologist is pretty good and well worth the round trip!).



Costco will only only service HA’s that they sell.



This was one of the main reasons I decided to do my own adjustments at home at my own leisure. :slightly_smiling_face: