Can Connectclip connect Pc or Tap?

Can Connectclip connect Pc or Tap ?

Now, I can connect galaxy s6 but my pc were not can’t connect.

My pc is so old.

However if can connect new pc or Tap, I will buy them.

If your pc doesn’t support Bluetooth then it’s no good for the Connect Clip. But if yes then it should work just like a Bluetooth headset.

Oticon is supposed to come out with a USB dongle for pc without Bluetooth support and this dongle will let your non-Bluetooth pc work with the Connect Clip. But there’s no schedule on when this dongle will be available.

I have no idea what Tap is.

Thanks. Tap is Tablet pc. ex) Apple’s I pad, samsung’s Galaxy tap.

Is this supposed to be any better than a cheap Ebay Bluetooth dongle? Transmit direct to the aids perhaps? That could be useful.

I think you mean “Tab”

I hope so, but I don’t know for sure until it becomes available.

The reason I say this is because I have a Plantronics Voyager Focus headset that’s Bluetooth compatible. But it also comes with a USB dongle for PC that don’t have Bluetooth.

My work PC has Bluetooth and I can connect the Focus directly to it without the USB dongle. But I found out that if I use the USB dongle on the PC instead of connecting directly to the PC Bluetooth, the USB dongle simply just works better and make connections between my Focus and the PC much more automatic and seamless with softphone apps like Skype. With the Bluetooth connection, I have to make sure that the Focus is connected to the PC via Bluetooth. With the USB dongle, they always seem to connect automatically.

That is why I hope that the Oticon USB dongle will integrate the PC more seamlessly compared to a cheap eBay Bluetooth dongle, in a similar fashion as the Focus does.

Older computers need a USB>BT device. They can be a dongle or a small box on a longer cable that allows you to position it on your desk. You don’t necessarily need to buy a new computer.