Can anyone tell me about Phonak Exelia

Thinking about ordering new HA and have been advised to try the EXELIA can anyone give me some feedback about them. Thanks

One of the best products on the market - and has Bluetooth support.

If you are working and/or need hearing improvement in ‘difficult’ situation and have lots of money the the Exelia or its sister aid the Audeo YES could be the ones for you!

However if you have a quiet life and just need a boost when watching TV, then maybe something less fancy would do just as well.

The choice of aids depends on MANY factors - there is no one single answer.

I’ve got them, and like them. What specifically are you looking for?

You can search on Exelia here in the forums, you’ll get lots of hits.

I have 4 year old Starkey cic aids now and they are constantly needing repair. I would like better understanding when talking to people and watching tv, also want to be able to hear better in loud or noisy situations where now i have trouble hearing someone talk if there is any background noise.

it is a top end instrument, as such it comes with all the bells and whistles.
As such you should be quite impress with it

All aids should help you when watching tv and talking to people. Most mid-range aids should help with the noisy situations. The Exelia are high end instruments, so they should help in most instances. But everyone’s hearing is different, and the only way to know for sure is to try them out.

My primary motivation for getting my Exelias was the bluetooth connectivity along with the high end features. But that was over a year ago now, and bluetooth functionality has been moving downstream, so that now even midpriced aids have bluetooth. If I was buying now, I’d probably get the Exelia Art, which has even more features like soundrecover and manual zoomcontrol.

If I was buying now, I’d probably get the Exelia Art,

I was assuming that the ART was indeed being discussed.

The original Exelia is no longer sold … or is it ???

It’s still being sold. My audi mentioned that it was two separate lines that they are selling. The Art is selling for several hundred dollars more.

I was told that the Art upgrade to the Excelia and the YES.

I got qouted almost $8000 for 2 exelias P/SP and an icom…hmmm, how much did you guys pay?

I have Naida IX UPs. Supposedly they are priced the same as Exelia Art BTE.

I paid:

(2) Naida IX = $4940
(1) iCom = $275
(1) myPilot = $400

Wow, $8,000 sounds pretty steep! I’m picking up a pair or Exelia Arts with iCom and My Pilot this week - $6,000 for the lot.

are you getting the power or superpower exelias? I’m getting the most powerful exelias, so I don’t know if that brings the steep price. Anyways the exact quote for 1 exelia p, 1 exelia sp, and 1 icom is $7980…not that 20 dollars makes a signicant difference. lol. By the way, I’m located in California and getting fitted by California ear institute.

I’m sorry, but that seems way too much. I got my 2 Exelia SP, iCom and myPilot for 6,100. I got mine through Kaiser, but I’ve seen many other people post here saying that was about what they paid.

Mine are Exelia Art M, but I don’t think that should make a difference in the price, or at least not much. I’m in the midwest, so maybe that makes a difference too. Still, $8,000 sounds out of the ballpark to me.

Re: Exelia (M)
I have a question about these particular hearing aids. I was just fitted with them here in California by a federal government funded healthcare employed audiologt. These are my first hearing aids.

Everyone says they seem to be the high-end, first rate, model of models. The audiologist set them up for me because of their many built-in automatic features. She established only one single program (set in a kind of learning mode). I’m noticing some changes in how different situations are handled by these hearing aids - noisy situations tend to be a bit muddled and subdued overall and in general. In the car the same thing…

So… it becomes hard to discern what people say when there is any appreciable background noise around. Also everything seems to be biased on the high end of the audio spectrum, which makes the sounds coming through rather harsh and hard sounding to me. I’m told there is a learning curve here with these kinds of devices, for me and for the hearing aids.

Also, I got the filters in the hooks wet and had to dry them out overnight, but I may have damaged the filters by trying to remove them from the hooks early on. Would that effect the way the sounds are coming through? But then, they seemed harsh to begin with - I had to ask the audiologist to dampen that a bit on the left side before I left her office.

Any ideas…? :frowning:

I was just fitted with them

Patience, grasshopper, patience.

There is no such thing as an ‘instant fix’ with hearing aids.

Give them … and your brain … a week and then report back.

Thanks EnglishDispenser… So then, when I can snatch these two hearing aids from the open palms of my audiologist… I will have mastered the art of hearing by way of two electronic mini-brains, which are for the moment simply hanging on my ears… :eek:

I’ve had my Excelia M’s for about a year, and the car and background (i.e. chattering in a restaurant) noise issues are a function of hearing loss, not the hearing aids.

In your car (or train/bus/trolly/airplane), the vibrations conduct through your body into your inner ear and create a white noise effect. If you turn up the volume on the Excelias to make up for it, you’re going to turn up the volume in those frequencies your Excelias are programmed to enhance (i.e. high frequencies) and of course things will sound harsh.

In any case, continue with your fittings and adjustments.

Also, be realistic with your expectations. Hearing aids are not a cure for hearing loss, they’re only devices to make your hearing loss more manageable.

Take care!