Can an audi please check to see if my ebay starkey aids are still under warranty?

Bought a used pair if Livio 2400s a year ago and they have worked fine. I program them myself. One if them seems to have died. Can an audi on here please check to see if they are still under warranty? I’d really appreciate it.

Don’t expect factory support for repair when you buy used HAs. You likely will have no warranty unless there is remaining warranty and you are able to get it transferred into your name. Don’t try to use factory repair for HAs bought on EBay, as HAs that were reported lost may get confiscated. Factory repair is way too expensive anyway. You will likely need to use an online Hearing Aid Repair Lab for minor repairs or even buy a replacement HA for major problems.

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Does Starkey inspire software have a factory reset, you could try this and then reprogram them to your original settings to see if this helps.

Those first 2 digits are usually the year of manufacture(well for some manufactures anyway), so 2018 for yours, so I guess they would have the usual 3 year warranty, give Starkey a call and ask them.

Well you don’t tell us anything about the hearing aids except that you bought them off of eBay. At the time of purchase were they advertised as new. If not how old are they. Did you try to register them with Starkey at the time of purchase. Usually hearing aid warrantees are not transferable. Funny how you seem to have done everything you can to avoid seeing an Audi and now are wondering if you can see one for help. I might consider calling Starkey and give them serial numbers. You don’t have to give them any history

Have you replaced the wax guards? I once thought my aid had died, but it turned out the wax guard needed to be changed.

Good luck with your aid.

Thanks for your thought, but it definitely is having a mechanical problem / electronics problem as it will not connect.

Thanks for this thought. The programmer will not connect to that one, only the other ear.

The hearing aid that died, does it do anything at all? Wondering if it’s dirty battery connection. Have you ran it through a dryer?

As others have said, forget about the warranty. You might consider contacting Lloyd’s to see if they can repair it. Or buy another off eBay.

I am blessed in that I don’t have moisture or ear wax. I did spray it out with canned air to see if there was any gunk in it and looked at the wax guard under a loope to be sure, but all is clear.
I do think Starkey warranties’ are transferable. But getting my audi to go through the work (for no real compensation) is kind of a headache. My next step though.
This model is still not cheap on ebay, so I’d like to avoid buying another used pair.
The good news is I am using my older right aide in my right ear, and it is fine for now, so no huge emergency. I’m still surprised no audi on here has offered to look them up for me.

In Inspire software, there is no option to check warranty manually. There is a worry free warranty representative phone number 800-733-2596. In addition, you need to find an audiologist that might help you for a reasonable fee and audiologist can connect your aids to get the warranty info and to test aids.

try the receiver from the working aid on the non working aid - if it springs to life then you’ll need to replace the receiver on the faulty one. you may be able to source a receiver without having to send the devices in Other than that call starkey and ask them regarding the serial numbers / warranty etc. yourself