Can a specific manufacturer cause tinnitus due to their specific HA algorithms?


Hi All!
I had a pair of NHS Resound HAs that caused increased tinnitus to the point that I had to stop wearing them…
(this is after I had a pair of Oticon Epoq’s for several years without issue…).
Subsequently, I’m concerned about buying another (newer/better) pair from Resound because their algorithm may cause the tinnitus to worsen again…

Is this a thing? Do specific manufacturer HA algorithms affect people in this way or is this all in my mind?




I have severe tinnitus and have had for years. Dating back from when I raced motorcycles with open exhaust but now primarily from my age. (83 years) There is absolutely no successful corrective treatment for tinnitus. I’m fortunate mine is a “hissing air hose” type and totally constant in volume and frequency. I am also moderately hard of hearing, and have top of the line $$$ Resound hearing aids. There exist numerous totally useless schemes and ploys of treatment which are total snake oil.

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Thanks for your reply Darthvagrant,
I really feel for you! It is something that can truly get on top of you if you let it!

Interesting that you use top $ ReSound’s as it was resounds that aggravated my tinnitus to the point that I had to stop wearing them (a pair of Danalogic i-FIT RIE aids (i-FIT c-Series 61 I think) obtained on the NHS - a bad move!). Have your HAs increased your level of tinnitus at all?

Thanks again



I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on any hearing aid causing tinnitus. Tinnitus is the function of a person “hearing” noise or audio that doesn’t exist. If tinnitus was thoroughly understood (to wit: is it a brain function or auditory nerve issue) it might be treated successfully, or at least partially addressed. I’ll go for the auditory nerve(s) firing sporadically. These are my opinions after years of considering all I have read or ascertained. My hearing aids have absolutely no effect on my tinnitus pro or con.



As for me my hearing aids lessens my tinnitus, I have had tinnitus since 1975, and the only thing that reduces it for me is some kind of sound and honestly any sound. So when I have my aids in my tinnitus is much less noticeable. If yours is worse then maybe your aids are noisy producing a form of white noise. I have been wearing hearing aids for over 14 years now and I look forward to have them in my ears

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Why do you think the hearing aids caused tinnitus? Hearing damage from noise exposure can “cause” or result in tinnitus so unless the hearing aids were wildly over prescribed I don’t think there is any chance they caused tinnitus.

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They are not ‘causing’ tinnitus - just aggravating it…

Because I had a pair of Oticon Epoq aids for a good 5+ years before I had the ReSound Danalogic aids… The Oticon Epoq’s did not aggravate my tinnitus (although they didn’t improve it much either but that is very old tech now!). After I took a shower wearing the Oticon HAs (aka destroyed…), I got the ReSound aids from the NHS. They were significantly lower quality to the former Epoq’s I had had… and they did aggravate my tinnitus - so much so that I had to stop wearing them! This has made me cautious about buying a pair of ReSound aids as I have had a year of not wearing HAs to let my tinnitus drop back to its former level… Would another pair of ReSound aids (based upon similar amplification algorithms that each of the different manufacturers use) cause aggravated tinnitus again?

I’m curious to know whether other people have similar experience and if so with which manufacturers. Do some manufacturer HA profiles (some are more tinny than others) aggravate tinnitus for some users?

Many Thanks!



I have had tinnitus for well over forty years there is nothing that can cure it nor is there anything that can remove it, and as my hearing worsens with age my tinnitus gets worse. It is just a fact of my life and more than likely yours



Hi Darthvagrant,
I’m pleased to hear that this has never been an issue for you! :grinning:
I hope it stays that way for you too!
All the Best



I have constant tinnitus, same reason for my hearing loss - loud noises at a younger age - guns, construction (heavy equipment, rock crushers), loud concerts, and finally chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. It has been a constant companion for about five years now. I have learned to ignore it with the help of music playing in the background at home or with ear buds while out walking or public transit, (I no longer drive).

I now have Costco ReSound Forte 8 (same as ReSound Linx 3D) and I find they help to attenuate my tinnitus while wearing them. When home I always have music playing, when out I still listen to music via Apple Air Pods that fit well with my RIC hearing aids, so I keep that constant sound distraction, giving me something good to concentrate on while ignoring the hiss in my head. Depending on what I am doing, my music choices are highly eclectic, classic rock, jazz, blues, classical, world, reggae, just no rap or hip-hop. :eyes:

I occasionally use the ReSound Relief app that is meant to help with tinnitus. I don’t think it helps tinnitus directly, but the nature sounds of waves on the beach, forest sounds of birds and wind in trees, crackling fireplace, thunder storms do let me read and helps me ignore the hissing tinnitus. I have a few coffee shops in my town that have outdoor seating where I read for a couple hours, thanks to generally nice weather, even in winter.

For me, just accepting the fact that this hiss is there and always will be makes it easier, staying calm and not frustrated. On very rare occasions the tinnitus will keep me from falling asleep, so I have a tropical forest in the rain sound that I play on bedroom speakers at a very low volume. I concentrate on the rain and breath deeply, and am asleep very quickly. :+1:t4:

tl;dr I do not find that ReSound HAs make tinnitus worse, and actually make it less noticeable when wearing them.



So, broadband noise too close to your hearing threshold can exacerbate tinnitus (per Jastreboff). It is possible that there was something about the hearing aid settings that was, for some reason by chance, increasing your tinnitus. It is possible that the same hearing aids with slightly different settings would have been fine.

Waiting a year for the tinnitus to calm down after taking them out seems a bit long, though. I’d be looking for a tendancy towards anxiety or other general life stressors to account for this lengthy recovery. It’s understandable that you are gun shy about the Resounds. What you now know, though, is that your tinnitus DID calm down again eventually.

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I understood that interference noise by a tinnitus noise generator or ambient noise
lessens tinnitus. Otherwise it’s a perceived noise as a result of damage to hair cells. Is it possible to have a ear worm of tinnitus therapy from a hearing aid or app as discribed here?



Generally it does. Once in a while, if the masker is too quiet, it can amplify tinnitus a bit.

I’m not clear on what you are asking here.



The constant perception of noise you have been using as a masker staying with you like a song ear worm.



Oh, interesting. I don’t think so. Most ear worms seem to involve a predictable melodic pattern and most tinnitus maskers are not that.

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Thanks Teejayess for your detailed experience with Resound aids.

It is very likely just may particular hearing prescription and a coincidence with the profile programming of the previous hearing aids. It’s good to know that people have had good experience even with significant tinnitus issues!
Wishing you all the very Best!

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Hi Nevillel
To be fair, I have been suffering with significant back pain over the last 18 months due to a prolapsed disc causing 24/7 severe pain that has required heavy doses of Tramadol and Naproxen to take the edge off of the worse of the pain. I had a discectomy in February and after nearly a year since then, it is finally mostly settling down again.
However, the aggravated tinnitus occurred before all of this, it has just given be something else to have to deal with more than my hearing issues… With the pain level much more manageable now, I’m looking to address my hearing issues again.:relaxed:

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