Can a CIC be refit to other ear?

I have increased conductive loss in my left ear and need to replace my Phonak Savia Art CIC with a BTE. I’ve only had this $3k HA for a year and hate to just shelve it. I have some increased loss in my right ear (currently unaided)and would like to have the electronics of this left ear CIC put into a new housing that fits my right ear. It seems like this should be doable although I’m sure the Doc would rather sell me a new one. Has anyone here had any experience with this? Any idea on price?:confused:

Thanks for your help,


I do not believe this can be done as the hardware is placed differently in diff models and such of ha’s so unfortunately I believe you have to get a whole new ha.

If you mean u just need a new CIC casing then maybe but again the hardware is built around the mold and such too so if ur other ear canal is a diff shape than the hardware might be placed differently? i just don’t think it would be worth the manufactures time and money. I think they will most defintely tell u that u need to purchase a new one…btw if ur loss is decreasing why do u have a CIC and now something more powerful?

I would charge around £200-£300 for a reshell for the SAME ear in the UK. (say $400 US)

Not sure if the manufacturer would SWAP ears 'tho! Probably not …