Can 2 signia hearing aids coexist on one iphone

I currently have Signia Pure 312 5NXx hearing aids which I have had for a couple of years. I am getting some new hearing aids which will be Signia Experience 7X. I will be using the older 312 as backups and yard work etc. My question - does anybody know if 2 Signia hearing aids can coexist on the same iPhone.

Only one set of hearing aids at a time can be paired to your iPhone. I have the same issue with my Oticon hearing aids. And have found out that you can only have the one set paired at a time.

I was thinking that as long as only one was powered on at a time they should each work. I am getting the new aids tomorrow so I will find out.

I would love it too if I could have both paired to my iphone it would be so handy.

I just tried to pair my backup hearing aids to iPhone and it just will not happen. So it is only on set of hearing aids paired at a time.

I think we will have to wait until LE Audio is available in HAs. That will let multiple devices (such as hearing aids) connect to the same source. Since the spec was just approved this year, it will be a year or more before it is available in hearing aids.

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It is pretty simple to go into the iPhone Accessibility settings and FORGET the current pair. POWER UP the other pair and the iPhone will find them. Takes only a few seconds after you’ve done it a few times.

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