Call Blockers for Land Lines

I have used call blockers for close to 10 years with mixed results, though overall I am far happier with one than without. I don’t know if mentioning brand names is permitted, so I won’t. Suffice it to say they have all been from the world’s largest call blocker company. I am extremely sensitive to loud noises and even more sensitive to constant racket (sometimes I’ll have over 12 robocalls a day).
I read that many people perceive this as a big problem. I wonder if it is a bigger/smaller problem for the hearing impaired and how others on this forum deal with it.

I don’t use landline much any more. I still have a landline number, but it’s with an IP phone service now that simultaneously rings my mobile. I have the ringers turned off on the couple of landline phones I have attached to the Internet adapter and just use my mobile, and take advantage of the SPAM blocking that the mobile provider has. Seems to work well.

Though my loss is milder than some and I can hear the phone without much problem, I usually use my phone on vibrate, in my pocket (or signalling my watch with its own vibration). Or I turn off even the vibration for blissful non-interruption.

If I do answer a robocall on my mobile, I explicitly block it, and I’ve built up quite a blacklist of my own. My mobile provider also gives country/state of origin and their judgement of whether the call is legitimate or not based on their SPAM detection algorithms. So sometimes I screen the calls by looking at the data my provider gives on the screen, and block the robocalls that I happen to answer.

Still irritates me to no end.