Cala8 and iPad--Wow!

I just set up my Cala8’s to stream to my iPad and I’m just thrilled! I like to listen to audiobooks. Long story short, I can hear the books clearly and even walk from room to room (somewhat) and keep the signal. This means I’ll get more of those boring around-the-house tasks done while I listen to books or downloaded podcasts, things I’ve avoided in the past. Clean the basement and be entertained, WooHoo! :smiley: I haven’t tried it in the car, but will soon.

My iPad is an older, reconditioned model (iPad2, I think), so it will likely work on the newer ones. It was slightly tricky to get them to pair. Here’s what seemed to work:

Turn off the iPad and open the hearing aid battery compartments (to turn them off so you can reset them). Turn the iPad back on and go to General/Accessibility/Hearing Devices. Close the hearing aid batteries and you will see the spinning icon (it’s not real quick on mine) and then asking if you want to pair. Once paired, it seems to keep the connection well. If the second one doesn’t seem to pair, just open the battery compartment and close again. I didn’t use the software that I use with my phone, just the connection under General/Accessibility/Hearing Devices.

Once paired, do you need to turn off Bluetooth in the iPad’s settings to prevent inadvertent connection to the iPad?

Not sure what would be an inadvertent connection, examples?

If I use any app that has sound, it’s heard through my hearing aids, so if I go to youtube and pull up a video, it automatically streams to my hearing aids. If I turn off bluetooth, the streaming stops. But the pairing comes back automatically when I turn bluetooth back on, so I don’t have to re-pair to get it to work again. But I haven’t played around with it much.

I don’t have a sim card and rely on wifi, fwiw. So, I don’t get any texts, etc using my iPad, for instance, that would send a notification. My iPhone does ring in my hearing aids and also on the phone.

I too appreciate the streaming of the Calas, but am finding (since I just bought a new iPad) that the connection gets confused when going back and forth between pad and phone… now sometimes my iPhone doesn’t see the connection to the Calas, I think after using the iPad for a while.

I’m probably not helping by having my phone in my pocket at the same time I’m using the iPad…

This hasn’t happened so far, but I don’t carry my phone and iPad at the same time usually.

If I have my hearing aids paired to multiple devices that happen to be located in my living room (example, Phone / tablet / TV), what happens when I enter that room?

How do I control to which paired devices my bluetooth connection is active?

Switching from iPad to iPhone, works if I shut off one device, turn on the other device, and restart my KS6s… cumbersome but does not happen often as I’m almost always on iPhone.

I do have a problem with incoming calls on iPhone. When streaming audio (excellent sound) the audio sound is plenty loud at level 3, but to hear incoming phone calls this level is too low and thus missed calls. What can be done to ensure any incoming calls or messages go to my hearing aids when streaming audio?

Instead of shutting off one device, try to just turn the BT off on that device. Many people say that does the trick for them. Much faster to turn on/off BT then to turn on/off the whole device.

Yes, I’m finding that. After having them too close together, my iPhone connection no longer worked. It took me a while to figure it out (low batteries could cause it etc. What I had to do was to have my software “forget this device” then I had to re-pair them. I also turned off my phone and then turned it on again, though not sure if that was necessary. So the limitation is to remember to disable the bluetooth on the device I’m not using if the other is nearby. It’s still a great advantage to have this, though.

I have Linx3Ds but I suspect the pairing is much the same. The problem isn’t so much the inadvertently pairing to a device but rather that the device will sometimes switch to a different BT audio path. For example, every time I get in my car, the car hijacks the audio even if it’s the Resound Relief app playing. About the only time I have to disconnect the hearing aids themselves is so I can connect to them with the Airlink.