C.I. and Microlink & Smartlink useage

Has anyone used the Phonak Microlink and the Smartlink? I’m using a Cochlear America Freedon and have not had great successs with the Smartlink useage. If you have used them together, what problems did you have or have not had?

My friend has just upgraded from freedom to N5 and she’s had much more success with the FM now.

From my understanding the only reciever that will fit the Freedom is not dynmatic. That’s why she thinks it wasn’t that good.

The new FM receivers and transmitters are dynmatic and she loves the fact the N5 can now take universal receivers.

I’m hearing a slight hiss when I wear my Microlink but have the Smartlink turned off.

When I have the Smartlink turned on there’s a very noticeable increase in the hiss.

My CI is set for the Smartlink to work on program 3, but it appears to be working on all 4 programs.

Even though the Smartlink has a volume control it’s useless and I must try to adjust the volume with the tiny button on the processor.

My friend didn’t get that at all. She always wore her receiver instead of changing her battery cage.

The Smartlink will only change older phonak hearing aids volume, it will not change your CI volume. The Smartlink won’t even change my newer Phonak Naida UP volume.

Sounds like your receiver is faulty. And I would also go back for a new mapping for FM program if you haven’t already done so.

Thanks for the info!