Buying used Phonak Audeo Q90/Costco Phonak Brio Hearing Aids

Okay, let’s take a real life/real time example of buying used hearing aids (HAs). Yesterday I bought a used pair of Phonak Audeo Q90s for $680 USD.

The Phonak Audeo Q90 is the same as the Costco Phonak Brio, except the Brio is minus the tinnitus and EchoBlock features. Both the Brio and the Q90 are one generation back from the Phonak Audeo V90 which has a new platform/chip with twice the processing power and up to 30% less battery consumption. The new Audeo V90 also has next generation streaming. Aside from the different features I believe that the quality of sound will be the same for all three versions of these HAs.

So buying used HAs one generation back and self programming can save big bucks!

However, buying used HAs is not for everyone. Keep in mind that you will have no factory warranty and you will have no professional service.

This is not an attempt to convince you to be a self programmer. I think that most people should not attempt self programming. My purpose with this post is to demonstrate that a careful study of HA models is a prerequisite to buying used hearing aids. You need to understand the market. If not for the arrival of a new model Audeo V90 then the Q90 and Brio would not be so inexpensive.

congrats on your buy. no way anybody can get this much technology for less than a 1k via retail.

but I gotta write that the v90 brings to the table stereozoom that’s adaptive which is a big deal for speech in noise performance.

however, the clock speed of the venture processor is half that of the quest line. not sure if this effects the sound coming from the aid.

Whoops, 860 was a typo, I meant $680 USD is what I paid. I corrected the original post.

Yep, the Q90 also has auto StereoZoom. Check out the last page in this link of >>Product-Information-AudeoQ<<.

When manufacturers migrate to a new platform they usually do so via >>die shrink<<. After a die shrink everything is smaller/closer together so the clock speed can be reduced. And, at the same time get as-good or better results using less power. So reduced clock speed in the V90 is a benefit not a detriment.

pvc told us, “Yesterday I bought a used pair of Phonak Audeo Q90s for $680 USD”. I was only prepared to pay $650 - that’s when I dropped out. I believe you did get a great pair of aids at a great price for both you and the seller.

I’d like to add my two cents to what you have pointed out, there are risks and other costs involved. Time is another consideration. In my experience, it has taken several hours setting up my current aids to what I believe to be their maximum benefit for my hearing loss. I’m getting the most possible out of my Core platform aids. I’m curious to find out if the Q platform will of any additional benefit for my loss. I’ve set the maximum price on my curiosity at $650 and I’m willing to invest the time required. As pvc and others have cautioned, this path is not for everyone.

pvc, while I’m here, thank you once again for your help. Especially, with the cables.

Sorry for bidding against you Golf-a-Little. I paid an extra $20 by placing my bid in the last 7 seconds. I should have placed my bid in the last 5 seconds, or 4 seconds. During the last 7 seconds someone had time to place a bid, get outbid, and then place another $10 higher bid in the last 1 second, thus forcing another automatic $10 increment in my bid for $20 total extra. If I had bid more carefully I would have got the Q90s for $660.

btw> If I were you I would modify my post to conceal my maximum bid in case someone here might want to bid against you for the next Q90. There is another one (also from Florida) and it’s a small world :wink:

There is another way to satisfy your curiosity, for free! Tell Costco that you want to try the Phonak Brios for the 90-day trial with 100% refund warranty. Before you sign the contract, pay, and start your 90-day trial, Costco usually lets you walk around the store wearing the Hearing Aids (HAs). If you wish you can stop right there (after the walk-around) without paying anything.

I admit, it’s a bit unethical. But I have no worries about that because Costco is also being somewhat unethical by selling you HAs that are one generation back and not informing you that it’s not the latest model. So Game On!

Oh, I almost forgot. If you want to try SoundRecover (or if Costco recommends SoundRecover for your high frequency loss) then have them make a second program with SoundRecover turned off. Then you can walk around the store with Compilot and switch between SoundRecover and no SoundRecover to see what it’s like. It may take more time for your brain to adapt to SoundRecover. But at least you will get a quick preview.

First time HA user here. Add me to the list of happy recycled Q90 buyers. It is more time consuming to go this route and not for everyone. At the great price I received, I could not have bought the lowest priced Costco KS5 HAs. They are such a benefit base on my wrs scores and hf loss that I wonder how much more benefit I would get by paying many multiples of the used price for something like the V90.

Also, there are simple ways to snipe eBay so that you are the final bidder.

I’m keeping my eye out for these. Going for my Audio test this afternoon.

mooreb4; I worry that you follow too closely. This is not the first step. Have you read the Self-Programming_Link in my signature line below?


I am current wearing a pair on Naida S 9 CRT.

Would the Audeo Q90 RIC work for me or I have to upgrade th the latest Naida Q90? Hoping to find a knowledgeable user for some opinion.

thank you.

Hello back; I dunno… I do not, cannot, will not give you advice on your hearing loss. If that is what you seek then look to professional help. :slight_smile:

thank you. How do you do self program? Where do you find the right cables and programming software?

Based on your questions about things that are readily available for you to read, I think you should look for a solution that includes professional help. Self programming is not for everyone. You will have no warranty and no professional support.

Though, maybe you don’t yet have the ability to click on links because the forum disables this feature for new members who don’t have enough posts.

Thank you for answer. (increasing my post count). :slight_smile:

AHA you can go to PVCs prior posts to find his self programming information by clicking on his name There are additional costs and effort learning the software. Many would find they have better success at lower cost by going to a professional.

Thank you for your advice. going to a professional is what I am doing. I can get the hearing aids from “a friend” and have them programming them. I know some audiologists will program them for a reasonable fee.

pvc: where do you get the specs on the aids you are researching? I seem to have poor luck in finding any on the net. Thanks in advance.

Look for the “Professional” Tab. Here’s an excerpt from link Self-Programming-Help below…
Learn where to download documents for professionals (look for a Professional tab or link on the manufacturer’s website) and then learn to read fitting range specifications. Also become familiar with the features of each HA Model (low, mid, high). Pay attention to the size/length of speaker wire/receivers needed to fit your ears. Pay attention to the power of the speakers needed to fit your hearing loss. I try to get the lowest power speaker that provides enough power to fit my hearing loss. Low power speakers have less distortion and less battery drain.

Clickable links in next 2 lines:> Self-Programming-Help, Free-Fitting-Software
My Wife’s Audiogram, w/AudeoQ- My Audiogram, w/Alta, Agil, Epoq, AudeoYes, Live, Chili

Hello…u say no warranty or professional service on 2nd hand aids…feels like such gstekeeping…Is there anyway though to get custom moulds made by an independant person somewhere in the world??I am in NZ & cant find anyone…I accept the rest is down to me but to get the earpiece fitting is vital to comfort & best use

I bought my hearing aids off eBay as well so don’t have an audiologist to go to easily. My last set of earmolds came from Boots Hearing Care. I just made an appointment and they were happy to do earmolds for £70 for a pair. :slight_smile:

I would find a hearing aid place in NZ and make an appointment.