Buying the latest and Starkey?

I normally don’t buy the latest and greatest consumer gadgets. For one thing, new generation stuff is generally full of glitches and requires firmware updates. Then too, prices tend to come down after the folks who want the new stuff thin out.

Now then. My Audi is recommending Starkey Wi (wireless) hearing aids. However, they just came out, and it’s so new, Starkey is backordered on the remote/bluetooth/remote mic device.

My question: In general, are HA bugs worked out before they hit the market? If not, what kind of reputation does Starkey have about releasing units worked out, or upgrading buggy new releases?

They are not that new. I have had Starkey Wi 110s for almost a year. I am very happy with mine.

(I will post this as soon as I am out of the 300 sec penalty box.)

The Wi has been out for over a year. The Bluetooth is new.

I am assuming this is the Surflink Mobile ?

Yes, Surflink