Buying Hearing Aids

I Have Been To 5 Different Place Looking For Hearing Aids. Went To Beltone Showed Me Outdated Hearing Aids With No Features. Went To Miracle Ear Next. They Were Really Outrages In Price. Next Couple Of Places Tried To Sell Me What They Had In Stock And Told That Is What I Need. I Have Read Alot Online And Had Decided On Two Or Three Ha That Matched What I Wanted. I Went To Costco He Took The Best Hear Test That I Had. He Even Taught It. But Still Tried To Sell Me A Kirkland. But I Eventually Ordered A Pair Of Rexton Revo + Open Ear Ha. None Of The Audiologist Asked Me What I Wanted Or What I Thought I Needed.

If Costco does what they usually do, they offer a great product at a good price with the Kirkland brand. I’ve been working on getting my Mom to try them. I wear GN ReSound Pulse aids, but have the insurance to cover 90% of the cost. At $995 each, the Kirkland-branded open fit BTEs seem to be very cost-competitive.

My 93 year old grandmother wears Bernafon ITE aids from Costco, and she always puts them in when company visits, so she can be a part of what’s going on. And just this week, I got a mailer from Costco about the Bernafon Brite receiver in canal open fit BTEs that they’re promoting.

I hope you have great luck with your aids. Please post about your experience with them.

I believe the Kirkland brand hearing aids are really just Siemens.

I would not buy the Kirkland HAs. They are first generation IntertonAdros.Take a step up to the Interton Shape.Speaker in ear, better Adros. better software. Revo good. Bernifon Icos very good( if audi knows what he’s doing).Don’t know about Brite. If it has Oticon tech,probably very good. Good luck.

Sorry to hear you had a few bad experiences, but I’m glad to hear you found someone to deal with. You should do well with the Revo product. Keep us updated when you get them!