Buying hearing aids online in the UK

Hi All, I wonder if someone could give me an advice where I can safely buy HA online or in a shop here in the UK at an affordable price?
Potentially Phonak Naida Paradise or similar from Widex or Signia or Oticon with Bluetooth and a range up to 115dB.


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This site is very good and trust worthy.

@Zebras have you had any experience with them?


I haven’t but my best friend has just used them. She’s very impressed with them. No problems so far altho she’s still in her trial period.

Do you have Costco near you? Top of the range KS10 cost me 650 euros instead of 3500€.


That’s a good point. I used to use Costco (Southampton) altho the travel was long as I don’t drive.

@dawn too far from me.
650 euros for a pair, that’s a good price.
Not sure about KS10, do they do Phonak?


Phonak Brio 5 is from Costco and that’s the Phonak Naida P90 UP. The KS10 is similar to the Phonak Audeo P90 RIC.

650€ for one.
Costco is 600kms from me. I flew twice and drove once. It is worth it in my opinion as the saving is enormous.

Boots Hearing Care, do the Phonak Paradise Naida 90 BTE UP, around £2900 for the pair, fitted with custom moulds, no limit I believe on follow up visits, and tweaks…. They are excellent aids, for severe/profound losses. Good luck, cheers Kev :wink:

ÂŁ2900 is a bit steep, Boots are quiet on the higher side, I was thinking maybe Specsavers!
Boots and Specsavers offer 4 years warranty, whilst wholesalehearing (ÂŁ2,289.98) offer 5 years.
For Costco, not sure if what is written in this article is true or false:

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Do you not have any NHS provision in your area?

Hi @Baltazard, compared to the, UK Independent High Street Audioligist…… They cannot buy a pair of Paradise Naida UP BTE wholesale for around £2.9K, and subsequently will quote you around £5k for the pair…… Boots, are a good no frills service, but each to there own. Good luck, cheers Kev :wink:

If it’s anything like NHS in my area, you get cheap, last generation instruments. They give you one first, to see if you’ll wear it and if you’re really good they’ll give you a second one.

I got so frustrated with companies charging outrageous prices that I went the DIY approach. It’s not difficult, if you’re prepared to put in some time learning the audiology (I find it interesting anyway).
I found a pair of Phonak Paradise 90 rechargeables on eBay for £1,000. The seller gets customer returns so they’ve been used less than a month. They have new receivers on them.
Add in a Noahlink wireless programmer for £150 and you’re up and running. You can do as many tweaks and adjustments as you like. Mine are set up perfectly now and I’m getting on really well with them.

Ok. I see the point you are making, but I would not be too negative about “cheap last generation instruments”.

I have an Oticon Dynamo - which is technology from around 2017. It delivers as clear a sound as my KS10 which is largely based on the Phonak Paradise. Last generation does not mean bad tech. In some cases it’s no worse.

Some of the bells and whistles in new premium aids are not actually any more effective at allowing you to hear as mid range aids.


My friend got some Phonak Nathos Nova which are the Phonak Bolero M70 M hearing aids from her hospital.

Very good Aids.

I’m sure it varies hugely from region to region. I have a single Resound Danalogic i-FIT 71 (manufactured 2009) with a badly fitting earmould, even though I have moderate loss in both ears. It was all that was on offer here, not even both ears. Couldn’t even get a different colour.
If I want an appointment at audiology, it takes about 6 months.

Hmm…that is somewhat out of date, I have to admit. Have you tried specsavers NHS provision in your area?