Buying HA on-line

Has anyone had success purchasing HAs on-line? Specifically, I am interested in - their prices are great, but I am concerned about getting them properly programmed and dealing with the expected follow-up. I am a first time purchaser of HAs. My audiologist recommended Phonak Audeo Mark V for me at a cost of $5000 for two. They are $3400 at

Appreciate any feedback
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Doug from my observation, Phonak allows online sales but requires the aids be delivered and fitted face-to-face. I’d be surprised if this company would program the aids and send them to you. Looking at their web site it appears you buy the aids online then pay an additional $295 (per aid?) to have them delivered and fit at one of their high rise (what’s up with that) office locations. Follow-up adjustments are $45 each, we call this unbundled hearing aids as in you pay for the hearing aids and the fitting separately. This concept may not work for you if your unable to visit thier office or you have a challenging cookie bite\profound hearing loss requiring many follow up visits.

Hmmm, asking about a web site that sells hearing aids on your very first post smells like spam. :cool:

BTW, has the Audeo “Mark” V for $2868 a pair and that includes 60 days follow up. Your gonna have to do better.

I read a sci fi book once where spammers, virus writers etc would receive a visitation at night from a team leaping out of an unmarked Black Helicopter.

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Sounds good to me.

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Well if this is spam then everyone should make note of the fact that this is a company that you should not deal with because they can’t be trusted.

wow - does bad hearing cause paranoia ??

I just signed up for this forum today - I am 67 years old, a retired IT professional, going for my first aids - thought I might be able to get some good advice from this forum about buying digital hearing aids on line - and to see if anyone else had checked out this firm . I have no relationship or special knowledge of the firm mentioned.

No, but dealing with this industry does.

The Web has certain conventions.

For example, any first post containing a link to a business is immediately suspect.

Some forums even have automatic software to prevent links being posted in a member’s first week or so.

So not paranoia … just hard won experience.

just to clarify - per the site, the cost for two Phonak Mark V aids would be $2868 plus $199 per ear ‘professional service charge’. That totals $3266 plus $40 for each office visit.

If I jumped to the wrong conclusion, I apologize. After all, you didn’t include a hyperlink in your initial post.
If you live in SoCal I would give West Coast Audiology a call, the way I read their prices it says their flat rate/full service price for a Smart V is $1434 per. Under full service it states includes follow ups for 60 days then $45 per visit. Great prices if you can get to their location, as they don’t ship.