Buying an iPhone just because MFi hearing aid compatibility

Thank you all for your replies!

I do have a Resound PhoneClip +, which I use to connect to my computer, but I have found that maintaining a phone conversation at a noisy environment (street) is virtually impossible. Open domes make bass amplification impossible, and the mic on the phone clip has difficulties at picking my voice, so the other person in the line cannot hear me well.

If iPhones were cheaper it would be a no-brainer. Also, if Android phones using ASHA were to have the same features as Apple MFi, it would be my preferred choice.

In conclusion: I’d stick with my current phone until I crack the screen (if that ever happens), until it becomes blatantly obsolete or until ASHA improves significantly. Then, I’d decide what to do.

If you can wait, a new standard, LE Audio using LC3 Codec is eventually coming. We’ve been guessing for years when this might be finalized, but it’s looking like maybe end of 2022 or early 2023. We think it will require Bluetooth 5.3 or maybe 5.2 with an update.

I made the switch to iPhone in 2014 because of getting hearing aids that use MFI and I haven’t regretted it at all. I don’t have anything against Android and I even have an Android tablet. I believe that all the arguments about what is better is just opinions of what the person prefers. Like what my dad always said what ever shakes your tree.

New to HAs, and I didn’t have any. So I have some now, and I’ll get new ones in about 2 1/2 years. MAYBE by then the new tech will be out? This reminds me a lot of wifi tech roll out. “We promise this will be upgradable…” Seems like years go by, and: “Oops, not quite. Here’s an update that tells you that you got an update, but doesn’t really do anything for you. To get the goods, buy our new routers and adapters!”

Dialup modems did the same thing!

Watching and waiting. Real AI? Adapting to what we want vs perceived optimum? Lower prices on things like the Roger mics? (Damn, am I addicted to that thing!)


Get a used IPhone like 7 plus. They work great!

I found it: On IOS 14, use a hearing test app like Mimi, export audiogram to Apple health, go to setup -> sound and vision->headphone accomodation and choose audiogram. Drawback is that it stops at 4kHz.
On IOS 15 you can take a picture of your audiogram and it will read that. It did not read mine well, but that was not a problem, because you can edit the db figures for each frequency. It’s got entries up to 8 kHz.
It works only with apple earphones, of course, but it sounded great with the wired earphones that came with my phone. Now I’m getting a pair of airpod pros that hopefully will replace both my bulky noise-cancelling Bose headphones and the bluetooth earphones i use for running with a smaller size and better sound.

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