Buyhear- Warranties not honoured by Resound

Hello all! I was lurking some forums on hearing aids since I’m looking for a nice, inexpensive backup pair for my Altos from Audicus. I came across, and did a search on them and found this article…

Basically ReSound is saying that because buyhear is not authorized, and because end users are not being seen in an office, any hearing aids you buy through buyhear will not be warrantied.

Opinions on this? Would you still buy through them? I personally think I’d be better off buying an $800 pair off of EBay in case the aids die and I’m now stuck with a $2500 purchase I can’t fix.

There’s another thread on here about this that generated extensive discussion. Many felt that Resound would not enforce that policy. I emailed Buyhear and did not get a response, but it is interesting that Resound (and now Widex again) is listed on the Buyhear page and claim 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The other extensive thread/discussion on this subject has disappeared??

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That’s disturbing!

The headline now says that warranties MAY not be honored (which is more accurate). I continue to believe that 1) ReSound won’t ever enforce this “policy” and that 2) no other HA manufacturers will follow them down this rhetorical rabbit hole.