Buy used equipment to perform REM analysis

Wish to Buy used equipment to perform REM analysis.

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Quite a bit of stuff on eBay, but you need to take your time to know the brands/models and the required accessories. Plus over time the prices vary a lot. Let us know how your journey goes.

I think an even greater challenge than finding the equipment and learning how to use it properly is how you’re going to get it calibrated.

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Some of the older equipment may not have the ability to change the signal for measurement. Some of the signals available are better and more accurate than others.

Not sure what your use-case is, but for personal use I decided to pay to have REM done and then I saved (restored actually) the result in the HA software. I use that as my baseline for self-programming

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Thanks for your advice. I have been looking at ebay and there are several for sale there. Also, before I purchased one I would seek thoughts about the particular unit from the forum.

I agree. Just another of several bridges to cross. Thanks for you imput.

Thanks. I will keep that in mind.

Your solution is the exact one I hope I can find and how I would like to fine tune my HAs. I will pursue this when my remote fitter has finished adjusting them. Thanks for your help.