Buy HI-Pro USB in Europe

I used the forum search and also found some threads about buying Hi -Pro.
However I have not seen any links where I would be able to buy one in Europe.
I not even have one Ebay account so Ebay is for me a no go.
Can anyone provide me a source where I can order the HI-Pro USB?
Preferably not from oversee.
Thx for answers

If you want to purchase a genuine, non-counterfeit HI-PRO 2, contact the Otometrics office nearest you:

Thank You for your answer.
Since I am not one Audi they will not ship it to me right?

This was my question in another thread and the answers I got downplayed the FACT that the manufacturers or the makers of the programming hardware and equipment make it difficult for customers to get their own… otherwise you all would not be looking to buy this stuff on ebay and have it shipped from China.

That’s what we all do anyway. It’s much cheaper!

Thx Pvc
Its looks like I have to register one E-Bay account in this case.
It seems no way. I need to buy a counterfeit product from China.
I would really try to buy one Original one from Otometrics or one other supplier selling it.
However this is one example of how broken things already are.
I guess to buy Genuine C4 or a shooting gun is more easy to get.:rolleyes:

If your interested let me know.

I don’t know why I got flagged but I don’t care in this case so I’ll just delete my posts.