Buttons on Phonak Naída Marvel making contact with my hat

OK, here’s the thing: when I wear wide-brimmed hats (nearly all my hats are made by Tilley and they are wide brimmed). The buttons on my Naida BTE hearing aids always make contact with the underside of the brim of my hat and change the volume or the program. I have to make sure that my hat rides up high on my head, or this is almost certain to keep happening which keeps me busy fiddling with my hearing aid buttons and my hat. It is a huge distraction among other things. Please, Phonak place the buttons somewhere else!

Try folding a paper napkin around and under the sweatband of your hat. It should help pick the hat up off your ears.

What is your priority? The Hat or Hearing. Maybe try different types of hats if the paper napkin doesn’t help. Most times you can’t have your cake and eat it. I know Old Habits Die Hard.

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Ask your audiologist to turn off buttons on your hearing aids. You still may control your aids via remote control or smartphone app