Bundled service, end of the year approaching

I bought my M90 Phonak aids in a bundled service model.
unlimited visits whenever I want/need for tuning and adjustment for 1 year
a few years insurance against loss or damage

So my 1 year is coming up soon. What should I expect? With the pandemic, what do I need to plan for?

I had several visits early on to get them tweaked. One visit a few months ago to finally take care of an issue I was having with my left receiver. Well, she replaced the receiver and made a adjustment to the program so we can’t say for sure what the problem was…
She canceled by last appointment due to the pandemic, but that was just on the books as a routine follow-up check so no biggie
but otherwise she’s done very little or no cleaning, etc…

I wondering is it normal to expect any sort of deep cleaning service, preemptive replacement of the receivers, or anything like that at the 1 year mark?
Do most folks get a hearing test and reprogram?

I would get a clean and check test to make sure they are fully clean and working.

I also would get both receivers replaced anyway.

How has your hearing been? If you feel you would benefit from a hearing test, I would get one even if it means no adjustments are made.

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At the end of the year I always had mine sent back to the company for a full service before the 12 month warranty ran out.

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thinking about it, what cleaning or service can the audiologist really do? Seems like they are pretty sealed up, just a battery door and contacts that might be a little bit serviceable.

Deaf piper…is that something you asked for? How did that work…give you loaners while they were gone?

Zebras…did you just ask/expect them to replace the receivers even though there’s no known problems? I’ve gotta say I think I’ll ask about that though, seems like these little wires are prob the weak link and it would be good to get fresh ones!

How much do receivers typically cost, ballpark, to just buy outright?

I don’t really feel like I need a hearing test, but then I thought I was ok for a lot of years that I wish now I’d had aids! I mainly just want to make sure I try to optimize what I get…feel like I paid too much for ‘service’…I feel like I’ve received great service and support, it was just a lot of money for what little they did after the initial fitting adjustments!

Your Audeo M receivers are about $100 a set in the US on eBay. Sometimes less if you are patient. The S and M receivers are cheaper than the P. I have never seen UP receivers on eBay for the Marvel aids.

@bradw sending my aids back was at the suggestion of my then Aud… And yes they lent me loaners for the 2 weeks they were away. Mine always came back with a different serial number so I knew the casing had been changed. They always came back with a report of what was wrong.

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They would of replaced the HA including the circuit if they came back with a different serial number, the serial number is programmed within the chip, not just written on the body/housing.

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