BTEs - Widex Mind 330 – Oticon Vigo Pro – Oticon Epoq Xw

We saw a new Audi last week. Very nice person, very attentive to my wife’s needs and lifestyle. I was hopeful we were making good progress with this one. But now I’m not so sure. She recommended two products. The Widex Mind 330 ($5200 USD), or the Oticon Vigo Pro ($4950 USD).

The problem here is the price. These are middle-of-the-line aids. But the prices around $5000 seem to be high-end prices. I hate to be so cynical but I’m wondering if she has a higher profit margin on these mid-line aids.

I’m not even sure that I want to trial the Widex because of this post by thanks2. Thanks thanks2.

If I’m going to go with Oticon, then why not go with the better technology of the Oticon Epoq XW for $1000 more (her prices). Am I wrong in thinking that it makes sense to pay $6000 for Oticon’s high-end Epoq BTE as opposed to paying $5000 for for Oticon’s mid-line Vigo-Pro BTE?

The Epoq XW seems better value than the Vigo Pro at those prices.

Be aware the Vigo pro has been replaced by the Vigo pro connect, the new connect have basic wireless func. Im sure you would be pleased with them, however- ask her to try the XW which are great instrument to fit.

It’s difficult to say if 5000 $ is a lot of money it really depends on what you get. If it’s included life time adjustment, free batteries and free service it could be an ok price. But what really matters is how good is the Audi to understand you wifes needs and how good the Audi is to fit a hearing aid this also incl. selecting a hearing aid that fits our wifes needs.
It can be tempting to select a high-end hearing aids but if benefit is small compared to a mid-end hearing aids I would normally recommend the mid-end. So It’s really depend on you wifes needs. If your wife have no expires with Oticon or Widex hearing aids , I would recommend that she tries both, and try to be open minded with them both :slight_smile: , the are both great hearing aids, I have very satisfied hear impaired persons that uses the Vigo pro and other hear impaired the uses the Mind 330. Please remember that choosing a hearing aid is NOT a question on which hearing aid gets the most check marks on a list (read most features) but with hearing can satisfied the hearing lost a person has.

$5000 is a lot of money! There, it wasn’t difficult at all.

Last time we were offered free batteries they were doled out 1 card at a time and you had to drive 15 miles in heavy traffic to pick them up. We don’t want free batteries. Nothing is free. Costco batteries suit us just fine.

I don’t see why we need a lifetime worth of adjustments. I think adjustments are pretty much over with after a few weeks for a person with moderate loss.

Thanks for the posts that helped me understand that if mid-line aids are going to be priced so high I might as well look at the high end. If we chose the mid-line aids we would be sacrificing the following features (at a minimum): (Binaural Processing, Binaural Synchronization, Binaural PB Coordination, True Dynamics, Extended Bandwidth 10 kHz, My Voice, Binaural DFC, Voice Aligned Compression).

Though it is possible that some of the premium features may not give much added benefit I believe what I heard in this forum that two of these premium features (High Bandwidth and True Dynamics) may make improvements that you will notice.

10 kHz is High Bandwidth. True Dynamics is a mixture of two parallel compression systems - a slow 15 channel and a fast 4 channel system – to protect listening quality at all sound levels, thereby minimizing fatigue and maximizing audibility and speech understanding.

I did some more price comparisons:
-Widex Mind 330 BTE M3-9 from this Audi for $5200
-Oticon Epoq XW BTE 312 elsewhere for $5800

So I can get the mid-line Mind 330 for $5200 from this Audi, or I can go elsewhere and get the top of the line Epoq $5800. That’s a no brainer. Top of the line for only +$600 more!

Clearly the strategy for this audi is to push mid-line aids at high markups. I’m not bashing Audi’s, and I’m not making this stuff up. This just seems to be the modus operandi in my area.

the vigo seems way to pricey-- and it is not even vigo connect