BTE vs RITE is there a difference in sound quality?

Is there a difference in sound quality between a BTE hearing aid and the same hearing aid that is RITE?

Since BTE goes through a tube and RITE goes directly into the ear, does RITE sound better/more natural?

I went from Siemens Pure 700 RIC (RITE?) to Siemens Aquaris 7Mi BTE (with the hollow tubes). There were four years of development behind the Aquaris over my earlier Pures, so the Aquaris BTE does sound better, but I don’t attribute that to the style, just the newer technology.

RIC affords you a slightly smaller overall package, and the ability, if ever necessary, to up the amplification of the receivers without having to buy a whole new set of aids. If you produce a lot of ear wax, you may have more maintenance issues with RIC because there are delicate electronics sitting right in the source of the wax.

I have used both, and can’t really say that I PREFER one over the other, but having had to replace two sets of $200 receivers over the first four years, I am happy to know that won’t happen on the new BTE set. Tubes are cheap and easy to clean!