I am new to this group. Have had aids about 4 years now. I was doomed to have hearing problems since both my grandmother and mother had terrible hearing, in the profound region. I am just 65 so am sure that is in the future for me. I have Oticon BTE. Have been happy with them but recently got new glasses, the kind that weigh almost nothing. I am having problems with the glasses fitting properly with the aid behind the ear. Keep feeling like my glasses are going to fall off and I hear the magnification noises of my glasses touching the aid since they move around more because they are so weightless. I have been wondering about getting ITC type aids. My hearing isn’t terrible but I have so much trouble hearing people talk even with them. Everything sounds tinny and “digitized”. I love listening to music but now it all sounds digitized also. I hate that about aids and also the fact I still have so many problems understanding people but hearing other noises so loud. OK, I am done bitching. Has anyone had experience with going to ITC after BTE? I would like to have some information before I see the audiologist. I am also doing research online. Thanks for any info you can give me.

Are you placing the temples of your glasses on the inside (next to your skull) and then the HA’s or are you placing the temples next to your earlobes on top of the HA’s? I have no problems with my glasses feeling like they are going to fall off but I place the temples next to my skull behind the HA’s. As for problem number 2, you don’t say what your speech recognition score is but if it’s good (above 80%), talk to your audi and see if they can make some adjustments. Good luck!

I place the temples over the tube, but under the HA’s themselves. That way everything is secure, even when I add t-coil earhooks to the mix.

If I were you, I wouldn’t go to ITC-- given your self-prognosis, you might end up with relatively new HA’s, but a loss too severe for the fitting range-- unless you wanted the old-fashioned full-shell ITE’s, which are VERY problematic. :frowning:

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If you are going to end up profound loss 90db and lower then I wouldn’t go for ITE ear aids.

ITE aids can’t have directional mics, I believe which will cause more trouble with your understanding.

ITE aids have the highest rate of failure.

BTE aids can offer so much more :slight_smile:

At the moment, your loss is moderate to moderately severe.

Odd that nobody suggested to visit the optical store you purchased the glasses from to get them adjusted to your nose/head/ears.

As for the tinnyness, you can go back to your hearing aid dispenser and have your hearing aids adjusted too.

As for getting into ITC’s, there really isn’t any issue with that. So as long as you get the power you need, there are a number of brands to choose from.

Thanks to everyone for the great info. I did go to the optical store and get the one side adjusted and the glasses works great now. Don’t know why I didn’t think of that. AND I am going to upgrade my BTE aids because I really do like them, especially the new ones with zoom features for peoples voices which is still what I have a problem with. My current ones have none of that. I am looking at Phonak. Just wish they weren’t so expensive. The audiologist said it is because of the computers, etc. but still…an iPhone isn’t thousands of dollars. Anyway, can’t wait to see the change in the new ones. I have an appointment the end of next week. I am sure I will have some comments then. Thanks again.

Check out the Phonak Audeo S Smart III Mini BTE aids. They are a nice balance of features including some automation and with small earmolds are a great match for your hearing loss and can be fit with larger receivers down the road if your hearing changes. You should be able to get them for $1350 to $1500 each and a remote is available (and should be included).

your own voice will be the biggest difference. the “technicals” can be the same, but your own voice will take some time to get used to. you might want to try some “reciever in the canal” style bte. they are much smaller and will stay out of the way better. both Siemens and Phonak have smaller ric versions that can be really loud if need be. On the happy side. if the sound is adequate, and enough, you will love the freedom of not having stuff over your ear.

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