BTE Transmission Tube Life Span?

Got Phonak Naida IX SP in 2010 and the tubes from the BTE unit to the ear mold were replaced twice in last 5 years w/ explanation that they age and affect sound transmission. Audi no longer routinely services my aids or questions and I’d like to know if and how often to get the tubes changed. I guess like new cars free service provided during during warranty period then it’s pay-as-you-go. Not a problem, I guess, if this is normal but these are my first aids so I’m learning everything as I go.
i probably ought to discusss new ground rules with my Audi but not real happy here anyway and am looking for new aids (another story) so would not.

  1. Do I need to periodically replace the BTE to ear mold tubes?
  2. Any estimated time period (months, a year or ??)
  3. Rough estimate on cost of aid service including tubes, fitting and whatever? (So. Cal/ west of L.A. area)
Thanks for any help. Jack

My first set of tubes lasted about 8 months. One of the retention pieces lost it’s spring and the dome would fall out of my ear. I just replaced both tubes and all has been good for the past the past 6-7 months. I didn’t notice any issue with sound transmission, just the one tube wore out. Or the retention piece did. Regardless I had a spare set that I had purchased online and just replaced them. Problem solved.

I would guesstimate a couple of years. Read this >>High-price-for-custom-molds-180-Yikes<<

As a general rule in my own clinic, BTE earmold tubes need to be replaced when they become discolored and start to become more stiff. That could mean once every 3 months up to once every year. There are a lot of differences in body chemistry, exposure to UV light, and every possible combination of environmental variables that change the time frame for everyone.

I replace my standard tubes at least three times a year. They should be soft and supple and if they are discolored or stiff they should be replaced. Your audi should be able to change them for you for a nominal fee, but I really think they should still do it for you at no further cost. It is actually very easy to replace them yourself if you want to and you can purchase replacement tubing from a number of sources online. You could call Direct Hearing Aid Services in Garden Grove, @ 1-888-580-4327 and ask Tom what he would charge, I would bet he would be cheaper than your audi. His address is: 9872 Chapman Ave #112 Garden Grove, CA

Wow, things must have changed for the worse over the years. I still have aids from the 70’s with tubes that are still flexible, albeit discolored. I don’t recall ever having to change a tube until I needed a new mold. “Progress” ?

A pack of 6 runs about $10 and blind guy could change them in 5 minutes…

Doc is correct, look on YouTube for a how-to.

I began doing my own tubes after my audi broke my ear hook taking my tube off to replace it. On the next visit I showed her how I do it and today she uses my technique to remove the tubes from the hook, but I still won’t let her touch mine!

How does one do this with a custom mold. I took a look at a couple of my older ones, and the tube is captive to the ear mold, and does not come out. Are things different these days with BTE tubes?

Separate the mold with tube from the HA and then heat up a coffee cup full of water in the microwave oven and then place the mold and tube in the hot water for about a minute and the tube should just pull out of the mold.

Ah, no kidding. Thanks. I fear someday I may have to go back to BTE, just trying to keep up on it.