BTE Clicking/Cracking sounds

Hi, I’m a newbie. Recently went to BTE and have problems with clicking/cracking in both ears. Have tried Phonak and Sonic brands. (Liked the Phonak best) Both audiologists and I are getting frustrated!!! I can’t be the only one to have this problem! Any suggestions?

Is it perhaps hair touching the microphones and/or if you wear glasses it could be them rubbing against the side of the HA. I’ve had both of these problems both of which have been less noticiable over time - except recently when I got a haircut the hair over my ear was acting like a little brush for a few days.

I can’t offer much as a solution.

Sounds like a great way to keep your hearing aids clean!

I wear Audeo Yes HA and I too notice an occasional very slight clicking noise the week before getting a hair cut.

Edit…Never mind the rest. (Removed aids from behind my ear but left the speaker/dome in the ear and no noise what so ever while moving eveything around.)

This is an update–went back to audiologist. After talking more with mfg’r, they think the problem is a muscle that runs along skull, kinda follows shape of the ear. Now saying they cannot fit me with a BTE, because it flexes when I move my head. Have now ordered in ITE, Phonak, same features as the first BTE. Has anyone heard of this issue?? (Oh, yea, we went thru the hair thing, the wive cuts my hair, so we’ve tried clipping it right down–no change.) Oh, but if we cut a piece of mole skin, stuck it on the BTE, on the side toward my head, the clicking stopped. I’m disappointed, really wanted the BTE.

Go for a different design BTE, not all product has the same mic orientation. Have a look at the Veras picture in the other thread - the front mic is mounted facing into the neck of the device and the rear mic doesn’t really have any ‘scratching points’ on it.