BTE and Eye Glasses

I am trialing behind-the-ear Resound Alera 7s and am having a bit of trouble when my eye glasses are placed on top or alongside my hearing aids. Does anyone have this problem, and how do you deal with it? Mostly, the aids may come loose when I place or remove the glasses. I try to always place and remove the glasses carefully and gently by setting them up and placing them down over my ear and removing them in the same way, not by sliding them on and off. Thanks for any help.

I have wire-rim frames and have to wear my glasses all the time. The aids just go between the glass stem and my inner portion of top ear. The aids are so small that they just fit in there! I can run, jump, do anything and they stay there.

I think I had figured, if they were too loose, I would get a bit of self-stick velcro and put a tiny round piece on the aid and adjoining glasses stem so they are one with the glasses.

You adapt to the conditions. If your hearing is poor enough the inconvenience becomes minor.

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L 35 50 80 100 na na na

I have Alera 7s and eyeglasses. I place the arms of my glasses between my head and the BTE shells and normally have the glasses on before I insert the aids and remove the aids before I remove the glasses. If I am adjusting the eyeglasses with the aids in, I do it by holding the glasses in the lens area and pivoting the arms up off the top of the ears.

I had to get custom ear molds because one aid wouldn’t stay put. The eyeglasses were only part of the issue. The Aleras are so light and little that one aid would fall off my ear without me adjusting the glasses or even realizing it, which struck both me and the audiologist as an expensive accident waiting to happen. With custom ear molds, the aids do stay put, and if one is working loose I’m immediately aware of it.

I place the glasses ear piece between the side of my head and my aids. Never seems to be a problem. However, I did learn to take off and put on my glasses straight forward instead of one ear at a time. This seems to work without any problem. I’m sure everyone’s individual ear/head is shaped a bit uniquely, but at least for me this works.

You can also go back to the optician and have your glasses remoulded so they are out of the way of the hearing aids. There are lots of positions where the glasses will still be a good fit on your head, but some clash with the hearing aids more than others.

this and the added wind and hair noise were all factors in me turning in the aleras and going with a full shell oticons instead. I had been wearing shells, but BTEs before that. Apparently I’m hooked on shells now.

When I first got my Oticon BTE HA’s, they did not fit well with my glasses. So I went to my optometrist and they adjusted the earpiece if my glasses so they fit properly on me head. Now my hearing aids fit over the top of the earpiece of my glasses so well that I don’t even notice I am wearing HA’s.