Brio R312T & Telecoil Question

I’m unable to get my new aids to work on my home phone, I have put the magnet on the phone, and still doesn’t work. Is this a program that needs to be turned on, or am I doing something wrong?

You have to have a separate telecoil program set up on the Brios by your HA dispenser, usually as the second program. Then, you have to switch to this program by pressing the button usually on the right aid once. Perhaps you have automatic switching to telecoil set up on your aids, that’s why you need the magnet. I suggest you try the manual setup and switch to telecoil by pressing the button on your aid. For years I dreaded having to make a phone call, but now, using the telecoil program on my Brios, calls come through loud and clear and into both aids. Same with the cell phone. I am truly amazed at how well it works. Hope this helps.

Ditto on what Popnoddy said!
There is a setting called EasyPhone which is supposed to work simply by placing the phone up to your aid. It doesn’t work very well as placement is critical. The magnet didn’t help me when I was trying it out. Also it didn’t work on my cell phone either. I had EasyPhone turned off and added T-Coil+Mics as my first program. Phone placement is not as critical with T-Coil.