Brio 3 VS Phonak Audeo-B VS KS8

I’ve been trying to figure out which hearing aid to go with. I am trialing a Brio 3 from CC and find that I can hear better than with my KS7.
When I compare the Brio 3 with the Audeo-B90 it is similar except for streaming and rechargeable. It has the SoundRecover 2 which appeared with the Beyond platform.

The streaming (music) would be nice, but my main goal is to hear in a variety of situations Quiet, Restaurants, car, large rooms.

I can buy the Audeo for a similar price as the Brio 3 off the internet and program them myself.

I was able to trial the KS8 in the store, but it was difficult to compare against the Brio 3. The audi said the Brio’s were much better than the KS8 and all he sold was Brio’s.

I like CC service so if the Brio 3’s perform similar to the Audeo, I would stick with the Brio’s.

I can program any of them so my main goal is to hear better.


You seem to be leaning towards the Brio 3 and I think that would be a good choice. Positives: You can hear better with them. The audi your working with likes the Brio 3s which means he’s comfortable working with them–a big plus. Costco’s great warranty and service is another. I’d give them a try. If you have second thoughts, you’ve got 6 months to make up your mind (assuming you’re from US)

I’m leaning toward them only because I don’t know how the others compare. If others have compared the other aids to the Brio 3, I would be interested.

I had the Brio 2 and returned them and purchased the Zerena’s. I did not like the sound and did not like the Compilot. The Brio 3 may be different.

It’s pretty tough to compare hearing aids as most of the work is getting used to them so one can’t try on a bunch of pairs and decide which is best. If the Brio 3s work for you, I’d go for it. If streaming music is important without a device, look at the Zerenas, Fortes or KS8.

I understand what you’re saying. Immediately I could tell a difference between the KS6 & KS7. My assumption was the Brio 3 was a slight improvement over the Brio 2, but someone wrote they could really tell the difference.

Also I can understand better with the Brio 3 over the KS7, can’t explain why, but I can. If the Audeo (or KS8) gave me the Brio 3 + additional abilities to hear even better I would be open to that.

At this point I’m amazed how I’ve been able to improve over the years. Even the KS6 was an improvement over my Siemens.

Thanks to all!

But the thing you don’t know is if the hearing aid you liked least, might even sound better if set up correctly for you rather than going with software’s first fit.

Except that I went back to the audi multiple times and was able to adjust the aid myself as well (except for the KS5). I would setup programs with different settings to see if I could hear in different situations using different settings. I’ve tweaked the Brio 3 as well and I can say you can tell the difference when you change settings (for the most part). In several situations I end up teaching the audi stuff about the aid.