Breaking: Bose To Cease Hearing Aid Sales


Seems a bit short-sighted to me unless they’re in real financial trouble. Sennheiser are the latest among their competitors to include hearing enhancement functionality in their products.

Wow. Big news. I’m still wearing and loving my Hearphones, but the end is in sight. Luckily I still have my ReSound hearing aids. . . .

they were getting pretty decent reviews too. wonder why :frowning: was excited that at least someone in the industry is trying to do something different

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OK this is odd. I just did a survey with bose and they were talking about bose enhanced aids by gn. I wonder if gn just bought them - or they decided to work with prescription aids or such. Weird…

That’s a shame, unless they do end up selling their noise-cancelling technology to another hearing aid manufacturer, which would be great. I have Bose Hearphones, and if that functionality could be available in my Phonak Paradise, I’d be very happy.

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I also have hearphones, like them a lot, especially for music and streaming other stuff. Only at home. Don’t like the look so I don’t wear them out. Expected the new Bose aids to be really good.

I think maybe this happens when you try to go alone in the big wide world, they should have teamed up with another HA company to begin with, but didn’t Apple buy into Bose? if so… then maybe this got in the way of what Apple wanted to do.

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Were they hearing aids or amplifier

Definitely HAs, they had some pretty good reviews at one time.

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I got a survey today also.
I can’t recall-did we have to sign an online nondisclosure agreement? Or are we free to discuss what they were asking? It seemed to me it was a quick survey put together in a hurry!

Good question. I scanned the thing I signed but didn’t see if it was an nda… Hmmm

I would bet you are correct that thus has something to do with Apple buying Bose.
In my opinion Bose has always been more about marketing than engineering. I have disassembled some of their speakers and home theater systems back in the day and they were kinda cheaply made with low level components and not near worth the msrp. But they have a great marketing team that excels far above their products. I know many love Bose and are happy with their products but I can’t say I am in that camp. Bose always seemed to be all highs and lows, lacking a smooth midrange. Of course that was back when I didn’t need aids yet


Bose hearing aids are on sale for $699 on their website today if anyone is interested…

If they were $199 I’d consider it,they most likely didn’t sell that well because of the price to begin with (altho cheap compared to the big 5 (6) manufacturers of HAs)


I understand that Bose is in financial trouble.

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Your Bose Hearphones, as long as they continue to work, should stay fine. Those haven’t been in manufacture for a long time, however. The company was focused on a newer ‘hearing aid’ that resembled other BTE style aids. When it finally appeared about a year ago, I THINK it did not include streaming among its features and, if true, that would have been reason enough that they may have sold poorly. I’m still a Hearphone-lover-wearer and will remain one.

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I wear my Hearphones everywhere. No one ever seems to question them. Everyone has something in their ear these days–especially in a college town.

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Yes it was an issue for some, it’s crazy they didn’t offer it, I mean they are pretty good with Bluetooth headphones, must of been the bean counters again.

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It just goes to show that manufacturing or selling hearing aids is not the “get rich quick” idea many think it is. There will be a lot more of the OTC companies going out of the business or being acquired, just wait and watch.