Brands of land phones for hearing impared

I’m looking for a land phone for clarity and tone. I don’t have a smart phone just land phone and I don’t hear the voice mail replays and have to use the boost which doesn’t always work. So, I’m looking into a special phone for hearing impaired people.

Has anyone looked into Caption Call company? Or can you suggest other companies. This company is paid by FCC and their phones are free to anyone with their audi’s signature on the form.

Would appreciate any brands that do a good job.

Beside the free caption phone, a phone with BT can send to a hearing aid using a BT accessory for direct transmission to your aids. This adds a lot of clarity. An aid that has a t-coil can also do this directly to a standard phone.

I have a CaptionCall phone and it’s pretty good. You can enter your audiogram in to match your hearing loss and it is a pretty loud phone as it has built in amplification. They recently updated the software so the messages left on the answering machine can be captioned as well. The captioning is hit or miss, but overall not a bad phone for free.

Thanks, I’ll ask my Audi about the t-coil and BT. This is new to me.

I like the captioning idea for play backs. I’m wondering if my audi can enter the audiogram or if I can do it?

Unless you purchase the programming device and download the software, you cannot change the programming to an audiogram. Look in the DIY forum for details. If you have a caption phone, none of the above is necessary. There is a screen that displays the caption that you read as you talk. The captioning takes place from a remote site.

KenP: I’m thinking cjpines was replying to Abarsanti who was mentioning a product called CaptionCall. I gathered from what he was saying was that you put in your audiogram into the product and then I guess it “yells” out the message and adjusts the sound to match the audiogram you put in. Apparently it can also do captioning. Who knew? :slight_smile: At least that was my interpretation.

Ken, I see on the forum you seem to be very intelligent about aids and I thank you. This phone thing is new to me and I hope it’s not complicated. Thanks for the advice on audiogram which I know nothing about.

I guess I answered two different posts, so there goes intelligent.

If you hang around here you be just as knowledgeable. I came here with a similar lack of knowledge about aids and am still learning.

You can enter your own audiogram into the settings menu of the phone. You can also choose from high emphasis of low emphasis as a sort of general amplification scheme depending on your type of loss if you don’t have your audiogram handy.

If all else fails…

I wear Phonak HAs and love my Phonak DECT landline phone.

Where did you buy your Phonak DECT landline phone? I also wear Phonak HAs.

You can buy the phone from your audiologist. My audiologist had a demo phone for me to try before I bought it.

Thanks. I asked my audiologist what kind of a phone he could recommend, he only told me Caption Call. I wished he would of suggested the Phonak phone, Hum!

DECT is a standard. Many produce DECT phones. You are looking for a BT enabled version.

Thank you, I’ll save this site.

What Phonak hearing aids do you have as there are two types of Phonak phones?

One is for older Phonak hearing aids and the other Phonak DECT II phone is for newer Phonak hearing aids.

The eBay link is for older Phonak hearing

I should add that I’m profoundly deaf and have tried all sorts of phones in 30 years and could never use a landline phone until I got the Phonak phone.

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My aids are 3 1/2 years old. they are size RIC Circuit Naida Q50 Ric. for right ear.
Left ear is a Cros.
So, I guess it’s newer.
I will look up the web site you have given me through ebay. Maybe I should ask my audiologist about it?

I thank you for all this information, I’m really confused.

Oh, is the Phonak phone compatible with a fax machine?